“Real magic in relationships means an absence of judgment of others.”

Geeks Make The Best Partners


Jocks and beefcakes are not the most popular option now when it comes to choosing your idea guy. Ever watched ‘Back To The Future'? Would you rather date Biff or George McFly? Today, we live in the age where the school bullies wind up working for geeks who becomes CEOs or startup giants.

They are so great at many other things except sometimes, getting a girlfriend and starting the relationship that they want. Some geeks are even scared to get close to a girl that they like. This is because society labeled these guys weak and unable to please women and they wind up ‘friend-zoned' most of the time. Geeks can make a good partner. They are not only gifted with high intellect; they are also naturally good boyfriends. Here are some reasons why you must date a geeky guy.

  1. Geeks are deeply committed.

Have you seen any geek that is not committed to a thing that he does? Geeks pay close attention to something they are truly passionate about. No matter what it is that they are obsessed with, their discipline and commitment to something is beyond extraordinary. It can be concluded that geeks are extremely loyal due to the fact that they are dedicated in whatever they do. Imagine having someone commit that way to you. You’ll never worry about being cheated on and having your heart badly broken.

  1. Geeks are problem solvers.

 Geeks can literally solve any problem you throw at them. Since they are inclined to provide solutions for everything so it’s safe to assume that when you encounter difficulty in your life, they will be at your side to rescue you. They won’t let you deal with the problem alone and they will do whatever they can to help you.

  1. Geeks are appreciative and easy to please.

Since geeks don’t get the attention they deserve from the society, being in a relationship with them gives them a sense of fulfillment and therefore make them naturally appreciative. You’ll never have to complain about being taken for granted or unappreciated. Geeks know the feeling of being rejected and not treated fairly so they would be grateful for the chance of being your boyfriend. They would cherish it everyday and do everything to show you how much they appreciate you. This is actually a win-win situation because they get the love that they dream of and in return you feel appreciated and cared for.

  1. Geeks are naturally patient.

No one can match a geek’s amount of patience. Just think about how much time they invested in fixing their computers, upgrading their characters in a game, or succeeding in what they do. And even if they get what they want, they continue with what they do to be better and gain more success. They are into character building and their patience increases every time they put their hearts into something.

  1. Geeks are not into mind games.

When geeks want something, they get get straight to the point. They are logical people and literally have no time to play guessing game. As a result, they are more straightforward when socializing. Why would you need to guess or read somebody else’s mind when you can just say it directly?