“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

5 Ways To Make A Progressive Change When You Feel So Uninspired


You have envisioned a perfect life; wonderful career, enormous house, lavish car, amazing partner, cool friends, and a happy family. We all want this kind of life. Things are going perfectly well until something happened that would change your life forever. It suddenly drained all your energy and you felt like you had no hope. You never want to keep going. You just want to hide yourself and continue sulking because you don’t know where to start. It really is frustrating, but unpleasant things happen and they are inevitable. You know this for a fact but you just can’t accept it. You feel life is so unfair and the universe is against you. You want to feel motivated but you don’t know where to get the courage to keep fighting for your dreams. Here are some tips to welcome passion and inspiration back into your life after you failed. This will help you change your attitude and encourage you to keep going no matter how uninspired you feel.

  1. Accept that things don’t work the way you want them to.

Acceptance is the key to happiness. If you accept that you can’t always have what you want, it makes you see the positive side of every situation. Sometimes you have to go with the flow and it wouldn’t make sense if you resist it and try to change something that is really out of your control. Accept that things happen for a reason and plan for your next action so you can change the situation for the better. It will help you figure out what you truly want and prioritize what is most important to you.

  1. Loosen up a bit.

When you are feeling uninspired, the first thing you can do is to relax. Stressing out will only make you feel tired and less motivated. One of the best ways to change your mental state is to do something you enjoy physically such as dancing, swimming, or even yoga. Anything that will allow your body to move or stretch a bit can help shift your mood into a more positive one.

  1. Allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Trying to change how you feel just because you think you have to be happy and inspired will only make you feel worse. If you feel very frustrated, allow yourself to truly feel it and never force yourself to shift emotions just because other people tell you that you shouldn’t be feeling that way. The only way you can get rid of negative emotions is to let you deal with it for some time until you get comfortable and decide to focus on positive emotions that would help you get back in track.

  1. Do not overthink.

Though it’s normal for people to overthink when they are having difficulties in life, it is not very ideal because of its energy-draining capability. Overthinking only leads to impossible expectations and frustration when things don’t happen the way you expected them to. Never avoid things that have to be done and stay around family and friends to remind you the goodness of life. Just relax and stop thinking too much.

  1. Never stop.

Do you feel that your dreams are impossible to reach? Just keep going. If other people are succeeding in their goals in life, you can to. All you need to do is to believe in yourself and do what you can to make it happen. Remember that people fail because they quit. Never quit and keep chasing your dreams.