“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”

10 Things Successful People Give Up To Improve Productivity


There are a lot of benefits associated with increased productivity—of course you'll be generating more output, but, in addition, you'll also be enjoying higher levels of happiness and improving your mental health. However, to achieve the highest productivity possible, you'll have to give up a number of activities. Highly successful have thrived with these methods—and you will too.

1- Telling yourself that everything is your job.

At work, you can definitely delegate some things; if they're not your tasks to do, they're not your tasks to do. Simple as that. Outside of work, collaborate with your family so that you all have a good share of the chores, and consider outsourcing pesky personal projects to hired professionals.

2- Never organizing your time.

It's true that some people work better without a schedule in the short term, but in the long term having one is an absolute necessity for increased productivity. So plan out your day, and decide how much time you're going to spend working on each task.

3- Spending so much time on social media.

It's one thing to keep up with friends with the occasional message or e-mail—but do you really need to spend hours trawling your news feed? The answer is a resounding no. Research has shown that people become unhappier when they see their friends gloating about their successes.

4- Staying inside the house.

The occasional day of détente at home is good because you can relax, but you shouldn't do this all the time. If you stay inside, you won't be exposed to all the new influences that lie outside your house. Get out there and explore!

5- Letting yourself get stuck.

If you get stuck, don't give up. Instead, go outside, take a bike ride, think things over in a new light. These are all great ways of solving your problems—that doesn't entail giving up.

6- Being cynical.

It's one thing to have realistic expectations, but going out of your way to hope for the worst will only make you feel sad in the long run (and the short run).

7- Focusing on screens before bedtime.

Whether it's your phone, PC, tablet, or TV, screens have been shown to keep you awake longer if you're using them before you go to bed. Instead, use that before-bed time to talk to your spouse or family and reflect on the day’s events.

8- Allowing others to control their decisions for them.

Be the master of your own life; make those decisions that pertain to you on your own. Feel free to take others’ input—but never leave the control of your own life in someone else’s hands.

9- Eating whatever you want.

Eating healthy is important not just to lose weight, but to improve life in general. Control both what you eat and how much you eat, and both your mental and physical states will reap the benefits.

10- Castigating ourselves for not being perfect.

You'll never be perfect, and that's okay. Do you know of any human, in all the history of mankind, who has been perfect? Exactly. Instead of trying to aim for an impossible ideal, make your own life as good as you can possibly make it—by working hard, spending time with family and friends, and making the most of what life has to offer.

Ultimately, the quest to higher productivity isn't an easy one—but it's a hundred percent worth it. Best of luck in your journey!