“No dream is too big to come true. You are born to manifest the glory of God on earth.”

5 Ways To Keep Your Hopes High In Times Of Despair


Despair can be really painful to deal with. It has a variety of sources and can be more overpowering combined with other stressors. Despair for some people is very difficult to deal with and sometimes lead to suicidal thoughts. They believe there is no more hope and taking their own life is the only solution to the problem. Though it can be challenging to stay positive after an unpleasant event or a disaster, giving up and killing one’s self isn’t the logical approach to end the pain. There are other ways to keep your hopes high in times of despair. The courage to deal with sorrow should come from within.

  1. Learn from the experience.

Life’s despair challenges your faith and character. They allow you to deal with the situation with grace in a win or lose situation. We can delight too in trying times because we know they are good for us and will help us become stronger. They not only teach us to endure no matter how difficult the situation is, but also strengthen our faith in God.

  1. Build strong relationships.

It can be tempting to isolate ourselves in times of despair and build a wall so that other people can’t see our pain. Being alone and staying away from the people who cares is the worst thing you can do in times of despair. It is always best to have your family and friends beside you in your most vulnerable times because they will be your source of hope, provide healing, and be your pillar of strength. Always remember that your family are the people who got your back when you feel so alone and helpless.

  1. Have faith.

We find it easy to give up and lose hope especially during trial times. You have to understand that having difficulties in life is normal and every person in this world experienced loneliness and despair at least once in their lives. Seek hope no matter how terrible the situation is. Acknowledge and make use of every opportunity to change your life’s situation. It doesn’t have to be big. The small changes you create on a daily basis will have a huge impact to your current situation. Never lose hope and continue fighting because tomorrow is another day to enjoy the beauty of life.

  1. Distract yourself by engaging in activities that you love.

Keeping yourself happy by doing things that you love can help build up hope when you are feeling so low. Engage in activities that you enjoy to live a satisfying life. This will give you a better sense of purpose in your life. If you love to play musical instruments, find time to rehearse and jam with your friends. If you love to bake, enroll in baking class nearby to learn new techniques and meet new people. If you focus your energy on the problem, you will feel more stressed and hopeless. Use your energy in more productive things what will help improve your life.

  1. Learn to deal with negative thoughts and dismiss them right away.

Having the ability to deal with negativity will improve your way of thinking. You will perceive difficulties in life positively. You will take life’s trials as a chance to be a better person. It is highly important to know understand yourself and where your feelings and emotions are coming from so you can effectively deal with them and control them as they arise. Always try to identify the source of your negative thoughts and arrest the thoughts in a constructive manner instead of letting your emotions take over you.