“Personal health is related to self-control and to the worship of life in all its natural beauty – self-control bringing with it happiness, renewed youth, and long life.”

How’s your health today?

Do you feel weak or do you feel strong?

Are you living a balanced life?

How do you maintain your healthy lifestyle?

I am asking because studies show that approximately 30% of our longevity success is hardwired in our DNA and 70% is due to our lifestyle and environment.

There is a belief emanating from some quarters, which says that busy people (people who work on the 9-5 jobs for years) worn out too quickly, and tend to live shorter lives. This information is not entirely correct as even the supposed less busy individuals; also show these tendencies that have been considered peculiar to the busy folks.

Interestingly, many of the oldest people in the world have never really mentioned that they weren’t involved in some tasking duties and responsibilities even from the time they were much younger. That said, the number of hours a person spends at work, may not really matter if the other essential attachments were involved.

Although it is needless to say how important it is to take some time off too many activities, it is in fact not the activities that bring the decreasing agility and productiveness that may set in over time; instead, the underlying cause is some of the ill practices that have accompanied those regular activities.

Hence, we could sometimes agree that the work a person engages in, were not actually the predisposing factors that lead to their ill-health, or sudden demise. After all, just as important as a person’s health is, so also is it important for a reasonable person to get busy on some work; especially if they expect to have a good income to take care of their every need, as well as those of family and dependents.

In essence, it is crucial that every person (whether they be the very busy ones or the absolutely not busy persons), is able to incorporate the best methods and/or practices to keep at their work and everyday activities while living a healthy life that facilitates the longevity that most people want.

Considering some of the things that would be mentioned here, it becomes easier for anyone to take practical steps on starting the journey to living a blissful long life.

Exploring your current health reality

It is essential that everyone knows their general health standing, per time; and the advantage of this, cannot be overemphasized. When people break down suddenly, many times, it’s because the causer ailments had built up within their systems over time, until it got to the apex point when the body could not hold further.

We may understand this much better, comparing a car to the human body physiology. Just like we check the car engines and other functions to see that they are working fine every time we use them, so also should priority be accorded to a person’s health status.

Continuous use of the car without the required maintenance would result in the vehicle going faulty, and not working. However, the vehicle did not necessarily stop working because the owner used it for all the weekdays, but because such components such as the engine oil, radiator water, etcetera were not paid any attention. This is synonymous with the human body, and hence the need to go for periodic medical checks.

Regular health checks help discover a sickness or disease on time and make the person manage themselves well. It also helps people know their health tendencies- if they’re approaching the brink of a medical fall.

One of the things the experienced aged people would say about living well is that they started taking good care of their health early enough, and would not just live their lives like it was by some mere chance.

Taking responsibility for your health is important and it certainly needs constant motivation to be able to thrive. To keep motivation strong, this free resource is a great way to start. To download it, click the banner below.

Stress and your emotional body

There are several reasons for stress, and not everybody has the same definition of it. By this, it means what triggers stress in one person, may not even amount to anything significant in another. Hence, another essential life tool is discovering your stress triggers.

The state of an individual’s emotional body has a significant input on how his physical body and other elements can thrive. Once the emotional health is compromised, other health complications begin to set in, and these definitely, are the premature death routes.

To keep away from stress, try as much as possible to keep a clear head at all times because foggy health brews debilitating effects on the entire body.

What you can do to maintain your health

Maintaining one’s health would entail following the best practices for a living. Anything that hurts a person’s health should not be continued.

Some of the best practices are eating good food in the right proportions, taking out time for adequate rest, incorporating a schedule for exercise in the individuals weekly or monthly plan, as well as cutting down on alcohol and tobacco usage, amongst others.

Our Being Is A 3-Part Whole. The Body-Mind-Soul Care

Our whole being is amazing. We are not just our physical bodies but we are a 3-part whole harmoniously fused into one. What we only see is our physical body, which is one part of our whole being. Underneath the body is the mind and soul.

The mind is the seat of our thoughts and emotions, our beliefs, attitudes, and memories. The soul, however, is the deepest aspect of our being where the Divine lives and the seat of love, purpose, and meaning in life.

And since these three are part of one whole, the ill health of one will affect the others. When your mind and body is of poor health, it will eventually manifest in your physical body.

This only means that if we want to be healthy and live an optimal life, we should not only focus on our physical bodies but also on our mind and soul.

Vibrant health is achieving a balance between body, mind, and soul. And when we say we are taking care of our health, this means that we are taking care of our whole well being that is, body-mind-soul care.

Most of us do not see the interconnectedness of these three when we are faced with illnesses. But in truth, the diseases that struck us are a manifestation of disharmony in our whole being.

To make sure that we maintain optimal health, we have to take care of our whole being as body, mind, and soul. While diet and exercise is a good start to a healthy life, it is also necessary that we take care of our mental health and spirituality.

To give you an idea of how to properly take care of your whole being, you may start with this simple guide to be truly at your optimal health.

What the oldies have to say

Let’s take a cue from the oldest and busiest people around, and see what they were doing differently, or at least diligently, that made them live up to the old age.

According to entertainment icon Run Run Shaw who lived for 106 years, a good way to have a long and active life is by conducting regular exercises. Run Run Shaw said he used to rotate his feet several times (about 64 times) each day before he slept.

Titanic movie star, Gloria Stuart claims a positive mindset and determination were part of the things that kept her up and running. This mentions the importance of a right mental attitude.

Leslie Townes Hope (Bob Hope) during his time, was involved in almost everything. He was a busy man doing everything from comedy to singing, acting, and even sports. In his words, he claims “you never get tired unless you stop and take time for it”. The man used to walk every night (as he revealed in an interview with the weekly word news in 1981).

Conclusion: In the end, everything about living a long and healthy life falls back to how much positive attitude and perception the individual can imbibe as regards personal health.

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