“Good relationships don’t just happen. They take time, patience, and two people who truly want to be together.”

Why Men Keeps On Disappearing And How To Deal With It

Watching a man disappear is never a new story, it has been happening, it is still happening today and unfortunately, it will still happen. You must have been seeing a guy for some time (weeks or months)

 and a lot of fun activities such as regular text messaging, social media chatting, frequent hangouts, etc. have been the order of the day. With the way at which things seemed to moving (very fast and smoothly), it was obvious that a relationship may soon be ignited.

Then all of a sudden… in a twinkle of an eye… before you say yes… your prince charming is gone. For no apparent reason, he has vanished without a trace.

pair-loverHe might have shown you some fading signals i.e. maybe he stopped calling you in a less frequent manner as he soon became a scarce commodity. Sometimes when you get across to him it takes him time to reply you. As this has been going on for a while, you are becoming nervous and worried about what could be happening. Only for you to just discover one day that he is gone and likely never to return. In other words, he just disappears like that and does not send you messages any longer even when you try to reach him.

As soon as this happens, you will find out that you will become so desperate to know the cause of his action. You might be wondering how it happened, but the real truth of the whole matter is that the guy you thought to be your man is not into you and so he handles the relationship with loose hands.

On his own part, here are some reasons why he had to act that way as he does not see the relationship going anywhere.

  1. He thinks work is more important than going out with you at the moment. Some men take their financial security very seriously and will not want to jeopardize it for love.
  1. He must be promiscuous. In the quest for the “right one”, some men prefer to date two or more other girls. The man could just be on a dating spree and no matter how much interest you show when the time comes he will just be gone.
  1. He is typically influenced by his friends. A man who has unsettled men as his friends is not likely to keep a relationship.

So how do you deal with this heartbreaking situation?

  1. Do not seek after him. You tend to keep your dignity when you stop chasing after a wandering and settle your mind on a better thought.
  1. Get busy. Though the experience might cause you pain… time is the best healer. All you just have to do at this time is to get busy with work and try to spend more time with your friends so as to erase every memory of him.

By doing so, you will overcome life’s challenges and still remain strong