“No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.”

(This is Part 1 of our 3-part series! Once you’ve finished this post, check out Part 2 and Part 3 as well.)

If you are one of those who has started a positive journey in life, you are most likely familiar with the power of words.

Words are powerful, that's why affirmations can change our thoughts and help us to transform our lives.

But the real question is that, have you already used it already to improve and transform your life?

Simply put, an affirmation is a statement that we often repeat in our heads. Sounds simple right?

But its real impact in life actually depends on how you use it.

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Using Affirmations

One way to speak with your unconscious and spiritual self, as well as your more ‘everyday’ self, is to repeat affirmations.

Affirmations are powerful because they help to focus your mind and align you with your intentions. Affirmations can’t work on its own, however!

It’s important to know what an affirmation really is!

Quite simply affirmations are a way of solidifying your intention. Without an intention and a commitment to changing on an energetic level, affirmations are far less effective.

So, we’ll discuss some affirmations throughout this article with some suggestions on affirmations you might want to use. But don’t forget that they are just one part of creating the life you truly want and need.

Affirmations work well when used often and in conjunction with self-reflection and taking positive action.


Building your ability to self-reflect is core to creating the life you really want. Without being able to reflect on the actions you’ve been taking and how you are feeling, you can’t get to the root causes of your dissatisfaction in life.

Self-reflection is a skill that takes time to build, and it is also something that needs to be viewed as part of your permanent life toolkit. Self-reflecting is part of a lifestyle, not something that can be done once or twice or for a period of a week or two.

That’s because you change all the time, and so your ability to reflect on those changes is key to having the life that you want! What was true for you 6 months or 6 years ago is probably not true for you now, and that becomes even truer the further back you go in your life.

In fact, when you have become very skilled at self-reflecting you may well find that the root of your beliefs that keep you stuck in old patterns go back many years, even into your childhood.

That’s why it’s very important to start practicing self-reflection on a daily and weekly basis.

To get you started let’s do an exercise now so you can ground yourself and reflect on how you are truly feeling.

Exercise – How do I Really Feel?

For this exercise I’d like you to keep an open mind and let whatever comes up for you, be present.

You might have reached this page because you are feeling unhappy with a particular area of your life – like your health or abundance. Or you might have simply felt curious and drawn to see what’s this article on affirmation is all about.

Whatever is the case for you, I’d like you to put that aside for now and see what comes up when you practice some general self-reflection.

I’d like you to get a piece of paper handy so you can jot down some answers to the questions I’m going to ask you in a moment. Now I’d like you to take a moment and get comfortable, somewhere you won’t be disturbed.

You are going to answer 5 questions using your intuition so that you can get a better idea of how you truly feel. Sit on a chair with your feet on the floor, barefoot if possible.

Slowly inhale and exhale, either through your mouth or your nose – it’s not important which, only that you take your time to really start connecting to your body.

I’d like you to relax as much as possible and start to become aware of how your body feels. Notice the parts of your body that stand out to you the most. You might feel sensations of warmth or coolness.

You might feel different body parts more clearly than others. There might be places that feel tight or numb. Just notice what starts to come up for you as it happens, without judging whether it’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

Now, as you breathe deeply and relax I want you to ask these 5 questions to yourself, out loud, however, I only want you to write down the answer to the second part of the question.


1a. How do I feel about my physical health?

1b. Where in my body did I feel my response?


2a. How do I feel about my wealth?

2b. Where in my body did I feel my response?


3a. How do I feel about my ability to live authentically?

3b. Where in my body did I feel my response?


4a. How do I feel about my Happiness?

4b. Where in my body did I feel my response


5a. How do I feel about abundance in my life?

5b. Where in my body did I feel my response?


If you’ve never done this kind of exercise before it might seem strange to ask you to write down where you felt the answer to a question. However, your physical body is one of the key ways that how you truly feel about different situations in your life manifests.

You might have noticed that you felt your responses to each question in similar places in your body or in totally different places.

Now I’d like you to repeat the exercise but this time, notice how each part of your body feels when it comes to the five questions.

  1. This area of my body feels _______________________________ when I think about my health.
  2. This area of my body feels _______________________________ when I think about my wealth.
  3. This area of my body feels _______________________________ when I think about living authentically.
  4. This area of my body feels _______________________________ when I think about my happiness.
  5. This area of my body feels ________________________________ when I think about my abundance.

Now you have jotted down your responses, reflect on what they mean to you. You might also have noticed that different emotions came up for you when you focused on the answers to each question.

For example, if you feel really negatively about your health you might have felt your response in your stomach or in tension around your shoulders. Or if you feel more positively about another aspect of your life – like your wealth – you may have noticed that even if you have felt your response in your stomach it was a different sensation – maybe excitement or calmness.

If you find it difficult to notice any particular sensations, don’t worry! Numbness and a lack of sensation is also a response. It tells you that you are very disconnected from how you feel in that particular area.

By repeating this exercise you can find that many interesting and unexpected responses happen for you. They might be totally different to what you have believed you feel.

That’s because our mindset patterns and habits often trick us into believing we think or feel a certain way – but the reality is very different. When you compare your responses to this exercise to what you thought was true before and you come up with a discrepancy this is fantastic news!

You’ve just discovered something new about your true feelings and deeply held mindset and energy. That’s key to making the lasting changes you want to make along with using positive powerful affirmations!

Take action by changing your mindset first!

We’ve covered a lot of ideas and ways for you to start changing your mindset so that as you make changes in your life you can holistically support yourself to keep those changes going.

Your mindset truly is the most powerful tool you have to create the life you want. I hope that by completing the exercises earlier and contemplating the information here, you are able to discover more about your beliefs and desires – and find new confidence in your ability to holistically manifest a fantastic life!

The next step on your journey is to make this new mindset a habit that becomes natural and automatic – through practice and by supporting your new mindset with the activities and practical solutions that will help to bring your desires to fruition. You might find that you encounter blocks or that you find yourself falling back into old patterns and ways of thinking. This is perfectly natural!

When this happens, try to forgive yourself and be patient as you learn this new way of thinking about yourself. It takes courage to step inside yourself and to grow, so be proud of yourself whenever you reflect honestly and challenge yourself to start thinking differently – but you can do it!

A new life can be yours when you change your mindset – so stay with it and enjoy this different way of interacting with yourself and the world.

Here are some powerful affirmations you can use for a good start!

“I am powerful”

“I am beautiful”

“I am brave”

“(Money, love, good health, etc.) comes to me easily and effortlessly”

“I am a great and gracious receiver”

“I choose to give and receive love every day”

”I welcome possibility and abundance into my life”

”These doubts and negativity is their way, I choose my way”

“I choose love and trust”

“I am enough”

Spend time listening to your affirmations – they are extremely powerful just before you go to sleep. If you can fall asleep listening to them that’s great, it will help your subconscious mind to reprogram itself towards alignment with your intent and highest purpose.

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