“Real men don’t love the most beautiful girl in the world, they love the girl who can make their world the most beautiful.”

10 Things That Men Really Wish Women Knew About Them


Men and women are made differently. We see their differences on a daily basis. Despite those differences, men and women manage to overcome them and connect in both physical and emotional level. There are things that men really wish women knew about them. If all women know about this, then it will be easier for them to maintain that indestructible bond with their man.

  1. If men were to choose between love and respect, they would choose respect.

Men want to know that their woman respect them and look up to them. They need this to feel a sense of trust from their woman. If you disrespect a man, he would feel emasculated and he would never want to be with you.

  1. Men want you to be appreciative of what they do.

Men loved to be accepted. They won’t be vocal about it but they need reassurance that they are making you happy. If you keep focusing and nagging your man of the things he isn’t doing, the will emotionally withdraw. Think of the things that he does that make you happy. Be grateful for them. You’ll be surprised of what more he is willing to do to put a smile on your face.

  1. Men need to feel desired by their woman.

Men want to be desired, not needed by their woman. Clinginess is ultimate man repellant. If you show your man that you genuinely desire him physically, it will boost his confidence, and therefore would appreciate you more.

  1. Men want to know they are being helpful to their woman.

Men are born to be providers. They want to feel that they are giving the needs of their woman. If a man feels useless to a woman, he would never want to continue a relationship with her. A man will only be with a woman who is happy with him.

  1. Men are self-doubting.

No matter how much a man denies it, men are vulnerable. They need affirmation from their woman that they are enough – be it in their family or work life. If he doesn’t get genuine affirmation from you, they’ll find someone who will give him that.

  1. Men are visual creatures and initially fall with their eyes.

A man will always notice your appearance during your first meeting. This will determine if you’ll have another date with him. If you are in a relationship with him, he expects you to look your best by taking care of yourself. He wants you to maintain your attractiveness, so don’t let yourself go just because you are married or in a relationship.

  1. Men hate women who nag.

Learning how to efficiently relay your ideas to your man is a powerful tool to keep him connected with you in all aspects of life. Avoid nagging him if he fails to do what you want. Tell him what you want in a nice way. Say “I would appreciate if” instead of “You should” because the impact of your words will depend on how you say them.

  1. Men will ask for sex all the time.

Yes, men want to do it all the time. If you decline your man of this one thing, he would feel that you are rejecting his whole being.

  1. Men want you to know that they love you.

A man will give the world to a woman he loves. They are natural giver. They may have a different way of showing it, but if he professes his love, provide for you and protect you then he really does love you.

  1. A man will always be drawn to attractive women.

Men are visual creatures and they just can’t stop themselves from taking a second look when a beautiful woman passes by. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you but they are naturally appreciative of beauty.