“If you have the opportunity to play this game of life you need to appreciate every moment. a lot of people don’t appreciate the moment until it’s passed.”

“Trade your expectation for appreciation and the world changes instantly.”


Do you find yourself feeling so stressed and disappointed about life lately?

Studies show that 8 out of 10 Americans reported having frequent experience of stress daily.

Why is it so common among people nowadays?

The answer is simple but a lot of people failed to realize this.

Focusing too much on the “bigger things” in life can set you up for a lot of unnecessary stress and disappointments.

Why? Because when those big things you are focusing on too much won’t work out as expected, chances are you will get frustrated and burn out which can lead to more setbacks and discouragement.

However, when you take the time to appreciate all the smaller but equally beautiful things that are right in front of you, your whole perspective and viewpoint about life will also change. You will have more moments of pure bliss and gratitude, which can open up more opportunities – meaning, you’ll have more reasons to be thankful!

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What Does It Mean To Appreciate The Little Things Of Life?

One very vital thing that will make you enjoy life to it's fullest is inculcating the attitude of appreciation and gratitude. If you must remain happy and enjoy life, then you must start showing appreciation. However, you do not practice what you do not know.

Thus, it is important to have a grasp of what appreciation truly mean. Appreciating the little things of life simply entails the art of focusing your attention on those little almost unnoticeable pleasurable, nurturing and sustainable things we encounter every day in our lives rather than waste your energy on the negative aspects of life.

A lot of people today have invested and are still investing a lot of their time in complaining and feeling sad and frustrated over the negative aspects of their life which they barely have control over, oblivious of the fact that appreciating the little good things of life is one of the basic keys to success.

Thinking a lot about this lately, a story crossed my mind. It is a story about a little boy who loved shoes so much but couldn't have as much as he wanted because his parents couldn't afford them.

The little boy always complained and grumbled and whined at every smallest opportunity he gets. At a point, he became tired of his parent's poverty and hated life so badly he wished he could just die and put an end to all the sadness that life brings him.

One day, this little boy went to play at the beach and there he met one of the shockers of his life. A few kids who had either of their legs amputated were using clutches to play the game of soccer and the joy that was plastered on their faces as they played was almost indescribable.

The boy watched in amazement as he learned one of life’s biggest lessons to always appreciate life even with the little you have.

Many at times, we are so locked up in our sad experiences and challenges that we forget those little things that we should appreciate about life. But today, you will learn to appreciate the littlest of things in life, which you have overlooked before.

This article teaches you how to be appreciative of life by pointing out those little things that we have always overlooked which really if we pay attention to will help us appreciate life more.

The Importance Of Appreciation

The benefits of appreciating the good things in life are quite numerous, appreciation in itself is a very vital attitude everybody must learn in order to succeed and live long. Here are a few of the benefits that come with focusing and appreciating the little good things of life:

It Helps You To See Good In Every Situation: Appreciating the good things of life helps you with a perspective that always sees the good side of every situation even when things seems not to be working out.

It Helps You To Stay Positive Minded: One of the major benefits of having an attitude of appreciation is that it helps you to maintain a positive mindset at all times. It also builds your resilience to adverse life situations.

It Is The Key To Abundance: Being grateful is the key to abundance. When you are thankful for the little and simple things in your life it will open up to many positivities in your life. When you give out the energy of gratefulness, it will attract many positive energies into your sphere including the positive energy of abundance because like attracts like!

The Abundance Sphere

Here is a list of 10 things that will make you instantly appreciate the world we live in and life in general:

  1. The Galaxy

Have you ever taken out time to wonder about the science behind the galaxy? You totally would marvel at how everything in the galaxy is a beautiful wonder. How the stars, the moon, and even the sun are all suspended in the sky.

  1. Love Of Family

Sometimes, the love we get from our family members alone is enough good reason to be appreciative of life.

  1. Making Other People Happy

The beauty of seeing other people smile because of you is something enough to make you appreciate life sometimes.

  1. Gazing At The Star

Most times, you just cannot help but appreciate the world and life in itself when you get that feeling of bliss from gazing at the stars.

  1. Watching The Sunrise And Sunset

Sitting down on your balcony to enjoy the rays of the sun as they fall on your furniture during sunrise and sunset is another reason big enough to make you appreciate life.

  1. The Smell Of Natural Fragrance

Sometimes, when we walk through our gardens, the beach, etc. There is this smell of natural fragrance that greets our nose and it makes you want to appreciate the beauty of nature.

  1. The Smile Of A Baby

You can never deny that the smile of a baby is one of nature’s biggest gift to us. Seeing a baby smile is just enough to melt even the hardest of hearts most times.

  1. The Harmony Of Music

The blissful feeling that comes with listening to good music does not need any explanation lets it's sanctity be destroyed.

  1. Picnic With Loved Ones

Going out with loved ones on a picnic date and sharing beautiful moments with them sometimes make you want to appreciate the beauty of life.

  1. Seeing Your Favorite Games

The enthusiastic feeling you get when you are at the stand supporting your favorite team and cheering them on to victory makes you want to appreciate life time and again.

You see, there are thousand and one things scattered all around us that would make us really appreciate life if we stop to take note of them. Learn more about these things and build a culture of appreciation in your life! If you do so, your life will improve. Remember, abundance in gratitude equals abundance in life!

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