“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”

Are you feeling uninspired lately?

Aren't you feeling the same drive and fire you have before?

And the thought that your fire is dying no matter what you do is the most terrifying feeling.

Truth is, it’s not always easy to understand where our deepest inspiration comes from. However, when you finally live an Inspired Life, you’ll find yourself magnetically drawn to the events, people and experiences that could spur inspiration and drive in your daily life.

As to how much you will be inspired, it will greatly depend on what kind of stimuli triggered you, may it be visual or auditory or sometimes both. Its intensity depends on how much you can relate your life to it, be it your struggles, something relevant to your close ones or your past success.

Why People Like To Be Inspired

Just like the definition of inspiration itself, the need to be inspired largely varies, depending on each individual's perspective. Inspiration is not just needed to complete a task.

The need for inspiration in its true definition is to free our souls from the bondage that has been caused by worries. People love to be inspired, but they often do not know why they like to be inspired.

Inspiration is the food that our souls feed on. It drives us towards being the better version of ourselves. The love for inspiration is often inborn. Each individual love to be inspired cannot be defined by another, but on a generic term, people often pursue inspiration for a higher goal of achieving life's highest purpose.

A sense of Purpose Sparks Inspiration

One of the reasons why people feel stuck in the rut and living an uninspired life is because they didn’t take the time to discern their life’s purpose.

Finding that unique purpose and the deepest desires of your heart will spark the inspiration within.

Inspiration can be both found outside and inside. It’s easy to find inspiration from outside by just looking at the life of some of the famous individuals mentioned herewith but it would make a really big difference if we find that inspiration within and sustain it.

Inspiration within is like a fuel. It keeps us going every day looking forward to spending our days with purpose.

Each of us has unique attributes, which gives us a clue of what our creator wants us to do or to be. These qualities would never have been given to us without a purpose and to find that purpose is a source of inspiration.

This is the ideal place to be. But many of us are just getting by wondering what it feels like to live an inspired life. Conformity becomes our comfort zone. And if we choose to remain there, that’s when boredom with life sets in.

Where are you right now? Have you found your purpose and your daily inspiration?

Let’s take a look at this Purpose Continuum so we’ll know where we are in our journey.

The Continuum of Purpose

Finding Your Deepest Inspiration

Think about it, what inspires you?

Where do you look to when life seems toughest?

Different people have developed different ways to look at life from their own perspectives. Finding your deepest inspiration is key to breaking through any hurdle.

Life is indeed a study table, you learn with every event but each event is driven by a motive. The motive to succeed in everything and find happiness is the deepest inspiration that drives anybody to do anything. Look into your life today, think of the things that make you happy, the people that make you smile, and the memories that motivate you, they are your greatest inspiration.

Bringing Inspiration To Others

Being inspired is only one side of the coin, bringing inspiration to others is another important part of the coin. Inspiration is a powerful tool. You want to be a positive inspiration to your friends and people around you, but you often don't know how to go about it. Here are some tips that should help.

– Show genuine care to people

– learn to reflect enthusiasm, it is generally contagious

– Earn trust by first learning to trust the people you want to inspire

– Only say things that are positive and will spark positivity.

– Always stand your ground in the decisions you make, it is an important way to earn people's trust.

Below are 10 lessons from most inspiring people of our time. Let these lessons be your inspiration to live a full life that is aligned with your heart’s desire.

1. Winston Churchill: Don't Get Weighed Down, Keep Pressing On Against All Odds

The lessons we learn from Churchill is priceless. He is of a strong opinion that people learn to move on, irrespective of the storm that life pushes at us. He further opines that if you are successful at something, then you should do better at pushing your skills to the next level. If you try and fail, however, then your failure should not discourage you, it should rather spur you, giving you immense courage to continue trying until you eventually become successful.

2. Michelle Obama: Be True To Yourself

Former American first lady, Michelle has been an inspiration in many ways. She is of a strong opinion that being true to one's self is a very important rule to motivate anybody into becoming great. Being true to yourself is a way to set the tone for your happiness, helping you to be fulfilled and empowering towards achieving your dreams.

3. Thomas Jefferson: Attitude Is Everything

Indeed, attitude is quite a big deal in every person's life. Jefferson's lesson is extremely to life. You can make an important choice of using your mental attitude as a great personal asset. Having a wrong mindset, however, telling yourself that you can't achieve is sure to set you up for failure.

4. Tim Berners-Lee: Never be Scared Of Change – Take Over your Future

This lesson is just as important as the others, it is, in fact, one of the most powerful. The future is your greatest shot at being great. The fear of the future is the greatest impediment to change. Those who are afraid to embrace change in their lives are often short of the willpower to take the life-changing decisions that will drag them closer to their dream.

  1. Joy Page: Do Not Pay Attention To Naysayers

This is another great lesson that is constantly inspiring lives. This lesson stresses the importance of self-believe. It opines that on your way to the top, you will encounter a lot of people that will deliberately make attempts to pull you down. In such a situation, it is your duty to take a personal decision to remain resilient and working your way to the to the top by believing in yourself.

  1. Ralph Waldo Emerson: Take The Path With Less Travelers

Joining the majority often don't pay much. There is that way that's so daring that people are too scared to push themselves into. This is the path that often leads to success. Dare to walk away from the majority, embrace change.

  1. Oprah Winfrey: Gratitude is an important tool that will attract more things to your life

Being grateful for all the things you've achieved, no matter how small is a key to finding great fulfillment. No matter what you may have achieved in life, always build an attitude to appreciate the people that have helped you, even in the smallest ways.

  1. Dr. Joyce Brothers: Success Is Personal – It Is A State Of Mind

Your mind is the engine room from where all the important decisions are initiated. Being important is a function of the mind. You have to draw inspiration from your thoughts, it is the best place to start from. It is your mindset that will change your attitude towards the smallest changes, especially financially, driving you to work towards an intense success rate.

  1. Bill Gates: The True Essence Of Wealth Lies In Adding Value To Others

A major lesson that can be drawn from the life of Bill Gates is that philanthropy is the true way to define success. He opines that reducing the suffering of the world and giving a helping hand to others as they climb unto the ladder of success is the greatest way for anybody to measure his success.

  1. Bill Gates: Failure Is A Very Valuable Tool To Becoming Successful

While it is a norm for most people to only celebrate success, Bill Gates opines that it is not only success that should be looked at but how many times a person failed before eventually hitting a big success rate. He believes that failure should not deter anybody, but should spur you towards working harder to achieve great things.

So there you go! Allow these greatest lessons from the most inspiring people in the world move you towards living a truly inspired life!