“Take care of your body with steadfast fidelity. The soul must see through these eyes alone, and if they are dim, the whole world is clouded.”

Do you ever wonder why your favorite celebrities grace the covers of even the most formal news magazines?

You're probably thinking, ‘they are popular figures, their faces should be everywhere, is that not why they are celebrities?

” Come on…! We all know that too, but think about it, is it just about the exploits that they are doing in music, sports, and the film industry?

No. There's more to it. Most of them have worked hard to be physically fit and to remain in their best state of health, and that's why they can still stay on top of their games and still look beautiful and smart.

Okay let's be sincere, you sometimes take a peek their pictures on magazine covers and wish that you can have their physiques too.

In this article, we've tried to take a dive into the lives of some health conscious celebrities, comparing their health with yours, so that you get to understand some of the reasons why you still fall sick, what you eat and how they affect your health, and some very interesting tips that your favorite health celebrities have been lenient enough to share.

Reasons Why People Get Sick A Lot

It is natural to fall sick once in a long while, but the problem arises when you begin to get sick more often than you are supposed to. Nothing gets a better of your bad side at work more than a health challenge. You don't want the negatives that come with a moment of physical and psychological sicknesses, and that's why you need to fight back with everything you can.

Find out how to fight bacteria and viruses to a stand. Here, we've briefly discussed five of the most popular reasons why you always fall sick.

Are You Following A Seasonal Diet:

A very easy way to correct for deficiencies in your health without even trying is by following the patterns of nature in your diet, eating foods that are fresh and still in season. The best way to do that is to start doing it. For instance, since vitamin A is commonly inefficient in the health of the general population, and its shortage demotivates the first defense layer of our immune system, you will be doing yourself a whole lot of good by pursuing after natural food supplements that can add to your vitamin A level.

Generally, orange vegetables, squash, pumpkins, etc are some of the fore running fruits and vegetables that supplement vitamin A in the body system. Freestyle in the way you combine and prepare natural foods, but just make sure that each is available at its season.

Do You Sleep Late All The Time?

It sometimes sucks to be an adult, having to shoulder all the responsibilities. As expected, these responsibilities can get overwhelming for anybody, forcing them to work far beyond healthy hours. Some other times, it could be an urge to socialize or plainly an insomniac tendency that keeps you up at night.

While this can increase short-term productivity, it has a telling effect on the health and should be avoided, if you want a good health. If you can't find sleep, you can start by taking out all your gadgets from the room where you want to sleep. Sleep psychologists often advise that you turn off and go to sleep, even as researches have shown that less than 5 hours sleep time, often keeps a person prone to picking a flu, or other diseases.

Do You Wash Your Hands Properly?

As much as this can be very simple, a lot of people still find themselves struggling to keep up with washing their hands properly cleaned. Of course, you are of the habit to drive your kids to go and wash their hands, but you often struggle to keep up with the habit of washing your own hands before you sit for launch or take a quick grab of snack. Hand Washing is very important; it helps stop the circulation of certain germs. Fixing this is simple, make determinations to never eat without washing, and work towards it.

Insufficient Availability Of Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is undoubtedly an important factor to consider if you intend to lead a healthy life. It is the duty of Vitamin D to upregulate all the antimicrobial proteins that are key to fighting foreign bacteria away.

These things mentioned may be the reason for your sickness but there are also other factors that contribute to your overall health. This free resource could greatly enhance your overall health and life experience.

We Are What We Eat

Exercises and workouts are certainly important aspects that help anybody maintain healthy living, but that's not all there is to it. What you eat also defines you and how often you are sick or well. Eating the right thing can be your gate pass into leaving a world of perpetual sickness. Here are some principles that should make you stick to the right food.

-Vitamin supply may be good, but they are not the most compulsory players for good health. The health of every individual reflects on his reaction.

– Plant based foods are as nutritious as animal based foods, get it and use it at any time.

– Genes are not the only determinants of disease, they work handy with certain environmental factors like: poor diet, inexperience, tobacco use, etc.

Keep Fit, Keep Healthy

Keeping fit is always a work in progress, and all conscious efforts that are made towards being healthy are significant. The little things that you engage your self in each day certainly add up to define how healthy and fit we become. These are some tips that should help you in your pursuit of staying fit and being healthy.

– Make conscious efforts to kick away your bad habits

– Constantly book appointments for checkups with your doctor

– Ensure to get enough sleep, it affects your mental and physical health

– Never underrate the positive effects of the smallest exercise

– Pay special attention to the food your eat, ensure that they are healthy

– Eat breakfast each day; it is certainly an important food to set you up energized for the day.

Tips From The Best Health Celebrities

Here, we've gathered quite some interesting tips that are keeping some of your best celebrities healthy, and we've outlined them simply, so that if you learn to stick to them, you too can boast of a wonderful and healthy lifestyle.

  1. Jennifer Lopez have revealed that she doesn't drink, smoke or consume any form of caffeine, she claims that having the consumption of any of these as a habit can wreck anybody's health as they grow old. No wonder she has a skin that's glowing at her age.
  2. Goldie Hawn – For Goldie, it's all about practicing meditation and mindfulness, she's often shown her love meditation as a way to ease stress. She is 71, but she obviously looks healthy.
  3. Jenifer Aniston – To Jenifer, it's about the kind of food you eat, and the ingredients that you use. Besides all the exercises she does, Jenifer claims that she also tries to eat the foods she enjoy, with healthy ingredients and in healthier ways.
  4. Cher – The singer emphasizes health as a proportionate output of the healthy exercises that you put in. She makes exercise fun.
  5. Christie Brinkley- Brinkley brings a whole new dimension to keeping healthy. She is a vegetarian, and of course, she packs every of her meals with a lot of healthy veggies and grains. She often considers herself as a flexible Vegan.
  6. Martha Stewart – Martha is a whole new dimension that's fun. She gardens in her free times. She believes it as a way to burn calories and distress.
  7. Reese Witherspoon – Reese tries to keep her favorite dishes that are indulgent for only occasional special occasions. She opts for veggies as regular diets, and then eats her favorite dishes only once in a while.
  8. Kelly Ripa – Kelly limits the special treats that she gives to her self to only once in a week.
  9. Cindy Crawford – it's amazing how this Celebrity adds a cup of green tea to the mix of her diet everyday. She cares about breakfast and does well to add a shake of green tea and protein to her daily diet.
  10. Monica Potter – Monica thinks it is important to make meals at home if you must take control of what you eat and remain healthy. She tries to make all her favorite dishes at home, so that she is sure of what she uses.


The truth remains that only a few people can put in the kind of efforts that heath celebrities put in to remain healthy and fit. You can't eat just anything you want, rest anytime you want and expect to be the same like a person that spend hours doing healthy workouts and eating the most healthy diets, especially if you are a foodie. It takes just a few change of routine towards the right direction. Start now, and discover how you can build a healthy lifestyle that will keep you healthy for life.