“You will become as small as your controlling desire; as great as you dominant aspiration.”

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being A Control Freak


Control freaks are unconscious that they are being controlling. They think that what they are doing is to help other people because no one else is altruistic enough to do so. Control freaks aim to control the situation by controlling the people. Being a control freak has advantages and disadvantages. So what are they?


  1. Desire to lead

Control freaks tend to lead to get things done. They don’t mind to be a leader and a doer at the same time. They always want to be in charge because they believe that no one can manage the situation, but him. They volunteer themselves to accomplish the difficult tasks because they believe in their intelligence and capabilities.

  1. Hard workers

Control freaks are hard workers and they are nor ashamed of this fact. It is innate to them to work long hours to get things done on schedule. They work accurately in a past pace because they are committed to deliver the best results.

  1. Decisiveness

Control freaks are known for their ability to make resolutions without a gist of hesitation. Decision-making is difficult, but control freaks are naturally decisive and take pride for doing so. They often foresee the end result of their actions before they even execute them. They already weighed the advantages and disadvantages and they would always go for what is statistically plausible for the situation.

  1. Great negotiator

There can be no greater negotiator than a control freak. Control freaks innately know how to manipulate people and they use it in their advantage. They always get what they want because they are brutal negotiators and master manipulators.

  1. Visionary

            Control freaks stick with their aspirations even when no one else believes in them. They are courageous enough to make their visions a reality even if everyone is against them. They believe they are capable of making things happen and they will do everything to get things done no matter what happens.


  1. Wanting to control everything

Control freaks don’t realize that everything is not under their control. They will keep trying until they feel frustrated. When a control freak is frustrated, he will do his best to impose authority and exhaust his people’s potential to a point that they want to quit.

  1. Hating competition

Control freaks often manipulate people who are not as good as they are because they know a skillful person won’t allow himself to be controlled. And also, a control freak wants subordinates, not someone who would stand as his equal to avoid competition.

  1. Not very open-minded

Most control freaks are academically equipped and technically adept. These are only few of the qualities they possess to be in control and be able to manipulate the people around them. They know they are good and they think other people’s opinion don’t matter. They always want to have it their way because they believe they can only get things done their way. Convincing a control freak to accept your opinion can be challenging; let alone the fact that people’s ideas are not welcome in the world of control freaks.

Are you a control freak in your relationships? Watch this video.