“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

5 Behaviors That Are Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals


Any goal is achievable if you develop the right habit, change your behavior, and take the right actions in achieving it. A little change in mindset can have a huge impact on attaining the things that you want. Instead of wasting your energy on not-so-important things, why not devote on more productive activities? Unproductive activities are unhealthy and just cause distractions and therefore need to be eliminated.

 We often think that success is only for the lucky ones. No it’s not. You can have success as long as you devote yourself in making your dreams a reality. You have to invest on it by giving your time and effort to make it happen. Getting rid of negativities can speed up your progress and help you move forward. There are certain behaviors that should watch out for and avoid doing if you want to achieve your goals in a reasonable amount of time.

  1. Being a perfectionist.

It is good to challenge yourself to be better in everything that you do, but expecting everything to be perfect is not. Perfectionism only leads to disappointments. People who are perfectionist are selfish and couldn’t appreciate the things that they receive and ask for more than they are willing to give. This always happens in the workplace. Some people couldn’t stand getting paid a little less even if it’s enough to live a decent life because their main concern is to have more money and be rich. This is perfectly fine. But rushing into getting success is the wrong approach. You need to be thankful for your blessings no matter how small they are and realize that there people who have less.

  1. Gets easily swayed with failures.

Everybody fails once in their life. Even the most successful people failed more than once before they attained their goal. The thing is that they didn’t take failure personally and it motivated them to do better. Failure is supposed to teach you a lesson not to make you lose confidence in yourself.

  1. Wanting immediate results.

Being eager to achieve your goals is a good thing but wanting to achieve it right away is destructive. They key to getting your desired result is to be patient. Remember that you can’t always get what you want whenever and wherever you want. Realize that things aren’t supposed to work that way. Enjoy the moment, learn from the process and do no obsess on the result.

  1. Taking big steps believing it’s the right action to do.

Small steps and actions are far better than taking big steps as they are safer and more planned. Big steps cause anxiety and don’t give you a room to commit mistakes. One wrong move can screw everything up. Remember that it doesn’t matter how much you achieved but what you learned and what you’ve become in reaching your goals.

  1. Keep making excuses.

Do not make excuses for not being successful. You always have a choice on how you want your life to become. Always choose to be positive, proactive, and goal-driven.