“We all have the extraordinary coded within us, waiting to be released.”

5 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Daily To Achieve Extraordinary Life


Each one of us has dreams and aspirations in life. It could our dream job, ideal partner, wonderful home, or anything that will make us feel happy and satisfied in life. The idea of living an extraordinary life differs from person to person. There are so many things that we wish to achieve in our lives but we got caught up in our busy schedule because we need to work hard for a living. We set aside our passion because we believe that chasing it is a complete waste of time and won’t bring bread on the table. What if you can do something to change the kind of life you have right now? What if you have the power to make a choice and make all your dreams a reality? Do you know that just by asking certain questions you can create a huge impact on how you envision yourself that will contribute to your success to have an extraordinary life? Practice these questions and see your life will be transformed significantly:

  1. Do I challenge myself to be better every day?

You will only know you are making changes in your life or if you are getting better if you ask yourself if you are better than yesterday. If you want to live an extraordinary life, there are sacrifices to undertake and changes to make. You have to commit into improving yourself, starting off with ceasing comparison of yourself with other people, controlling your emotions and not entertaining negative thoughts. If you want your life to improve, you need to encourage yourself to be better as well.

  1. Who am I?

Character defines a person. If your character is built in truth, modesty, and integrity, then you are likely to lead a path of extraordinary life. It is like investing money in a business. If you invest too little, the reward is smaller compared to when you invest a huge amount. The more you do good, the more positive your character will be. Treat everyone around you with respect and watch your words whenever you speak to avoid hurting other people.

  1. Do I always give my best in what I do?

It is important that we give our best in everything that we do especially at work. Feeling less motivated is normal but if you dwell to negative energies, it will just destroy your momentum to perform your best at work. Try to get rid of negative thoughts and be inspired to accomplish your tasks satisfactorily.

  1. What did I learn today?

Every day is an opportunity to learn about life. The lessons you learn on a daily basis will mold your character and turn your life into something you envisioned it to be. But if you don’t take life lessons seriously, then there will be no growth. You have to discipline yourself to weigh pros and cons before making any decision that might change your life forever.

  1. Have I shown love to my family and friends?

 Life would be more meaningful if we have a great relationship with our family and friends. Wherever you are or whatever you accomplished in life, it would be useless without the people who truly love and care about you around. Tell your parents and your siblings how much you love them and treasure the time you spend with them. If you are too busy at work, make time to visit them or go on a vacation with them.