“Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love”

MNFL1Love is an omnipresent force in the universe which is immortalized in music, movies and poems. Even religious and spiritual communities attribute love as the highest form of energy or way of life.

Now whether people in the world need such a high level of love is entirely up to them. By choosing how to tap into the power of your thoughts, you will be able to attract any level of love whether it be:

  • Romantic love
  • Love amongst bros (or for the ladies, girlfriends)
  • Parental love
  • Love for the collective consciousness and the community at large
  • Or even higher spiritual love or love for a higher power

Pick your preference and we will begin this exercise that will help you to empower your mind and attract the love that you desire.

Step 1: The Spark

MNFL2The idea of love in the mind begins with ignition – it is curiosity driven and it begins us on a journey to the ideal of love.

Think fondly and positively of the feeling you are allowing yourself to feel. Allow yourself to feel the inclining towards the object of your affection.

Be open, be a recipient of something new into your life. While others shut themselves off to even the slightest possibility of being in love, this closeness of the mind kills positive thoughts towards love and aborts the potentially blossoming relationship. Open and allow the spark and accept that it is okay to think these thoughts rather than resisting it.

Step 2: Setting An Intention For Love

Now that you have embraced the idea of love towards the object of your affection, it is very important to set a strong and specific intention towards this love.

Nothing in this world is accomplished without intention and your mind has the ability to attract unto it the things you keep your focus on.

Intention is so powerful that it can make a teenage boy obsess about a girl he has just met, so he can disregard his parent’s curfew and climb out of his bedroom window and sneak to her house just for a few glances.

Would you do this as an adult? If no, why not?

That teenage boy had the purest of intentions – he just wanted to see her and he set a very simple intention so he got what he wanted.

Step 3: Limiting Thoughts

If you’ve heard of limiting beliefs and limiting decisions, you will know by now how each and every child on earth is a product of both nature and nurture.

We can’t change who we are born as and neither can we change the programming we have been fed by our parents and our society.

You were taught the model of love by your subconscious observation of the way your parents loved each other or how they expressed their love towards you.

Maybe you were hurt by your first boyfriend or girlfriend. Maybe you were abused as a child.

Whatever your nurture or upbringing may be, the issue of love has to be addressed by going back to incidences that may give you a warped perception on what love really is.

Some struggle with core unworthiness. Others need constant approval, feedback or reassurance. Identify what’s been holding you back and work on letting them go.

Step 4: Frozen’s Theme Song

November 1st, 2013 @ 20:49:52“Let it go, let it go…”

If you trust and fully trust the process of the power of your mind, it is important not to obsess about it.

Don’t hold on to your thought patterns of the things you want to let go. If you were hurt by someone withholding love from you, you might feel anger or resentment and you can work on it.

But some others like to stir up a hornet’s nest even after they have worked on the negative issues.

“Is it still really there? I can’t feel it but I think it might be there… let me dig it up just to be sure…”

This is your self doubt talking. Let it go. Go and do something fun like building a snowman.

Step 5: Embrace Your New Reality

MNFL4When you understand the fundamental principle that thoughts leads to words, words leads to actions, actions lead to habits, habits – character and character – destiny, you will understand that all that is needed to change your destiny begins with your thoughts.

Thoughts are very powerful indeed – it has the power to hold you back or it has the power to construct a new reality.

What will you do with this reality? Have you embraced the possibility that one thought could deny you immeasurable pleasure of knowing your true love or a split second decision of change can immerse you in the reality of true and unquestionable love?

The point is this – by embracing the responsibility of your thoughts, you are creating a reality that is truly both exciting and expanding.

In the end, there will be only love.