“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

How Owning A Pet Can Be Good For Your Health


A pet can definitely improve your life. It is definitely a great friend. Though your pet can’t talk to you, it can relieve your stress after a hectic day at work. Spending time with a dog or a cat is proven to boost your immunity for it normalizes your blood pressure, thus decreasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and lessen uneasiness and fatigue. Apart from healthy benefits, fur babies also improve our quality of life. They give us unconditional love and unparalleled loyalty. Emotionally, a pet helps get rid of depression so next time you feel so low, try to get a pet. What are the benefits of owning a pet?

  1. Normalizes your blood pressure.

A dog or a cat might help you get rid of heart diseases. Dog owners tend to have more exercise than those who don’t own a pet. If you sit around the office all day, then walking your dog might be a good form of exercise. It can regulate your blood and cholesterol level, hence preventing you from having cardiovascular problems. Even if you already have a heart problem, your pet can make your physical state better. They not only make you stronger, but they help you have a positive mindset to combat your disease.

  1. Fights allergies.

Contrary to common belief that pets cause allergies, it is proven that children who grew around pets are less likely to develop allergies as they grow older. Being exposed to furry animals such as a dog or a cat can minimize the risk of getting asthma and other allergies. Though these animals are always exposed to bacteria, this can be beneficial for your health. When you are exposed to a lot of pathogens, your body is trained to fight off infection, thus improving your immunity.

  1. Maintains a happier mood.

People who own a pet generally have a more meaningful life. They are more contented and happier in life. They also demonstrate a more trusting persona than those who don’t own a pet. The reason for this probably is the feeling of greater control over life and the sense of belongingness that a pet gives them.

  1. Boosts your immune system.

Pets, particularly dogs are proven to boost children’s immunity. Babies who grew up with pets around the house have higher resistance to diseases compared to those who don’t have any furry animals at home. Studies show that dogs and cats help in minimizing of the occurrence of ear infection in babies. This is probably because the babies’ immune system can kill pathogens even before they start invading his body. It only happens when the body is familiar with the pathogen. If you are scared that your kids will get infected with having pets in the house, you might as well reconsider your decision and have a pet at home.

  1. Relieves stress.

Having a pet at home makes you feel good. It keeps you happy and relieves anxiety. It curbs down the tress level in your body by releasing a relaxation hormone. Petting your dog or cat not only soothes your stress, but also helps your pet to relax. It’s beneficial for both of you actually!