“When you and I stand strong together, no one here on earth can stop us.”

How To Handle An Extremely Attractive Boyfriend


We all have our likes and dislikes. When we finally find that special guy who fits the bill from both a personality standpoint, as well as physical attractiveness, it can feel as if we hit the jackpot. But there are certain caveats. Ending up with an extremely attractive boyfriend is the goal for most of us, but by following these helpful tips, you can handle the problems that come with it.

Ignore The Commentary

Women are the masters of snide and passive aggressive commentary, so it pays to know which phrases to keep an eye out, so that you can keep yourself from overreacting to them. “How did you manage to end up with him?” is really just a woman's way of saying that she does not understand what he sees in you. Just accept that you are amazing to him and do not worry yourself with the opinions of those who are on the outside looking in.

Get Used To Perverted Comments

The beautiful people of the world are essentially public property, so prepare yourself for an onslaught of commentary that would normally be deemed inappropriate. While men get most of the pervert credit for their remarks about attractive women, ladies are certainly no slouch in this department. When your gym buddy comment on your beau in a way that makes you blush, take it as a compliment.

He May Not Even Realize It

There are some guys who fully realize their powers and use them for personal gain, but there are also many attractive men out there who have no idea about the effect that they have on women. Before you decide to get angry about your situation, take a moment to pay attention to his mannerisms. There is a good chance that he has no idea how beautiful he is.

He May Not Want To Be Defined That Way

Pretty women are always dealing with the assumption that everyone thinks they are bimbos. It is no different for the pretty boys among us either. He may be fully aware of how attractive he is, but would rather establish himself as an intelligent partner. Don't make the mistake of assuming that he is self obsessed or that he is vain.

Just Trust Him

Some women fall into the trap of constantly worrying about their handsome boyfriend's fidelity. A man is typically as faithful as his options, as the old saying goes. But this is not a healthy mentality to bring into a relationship and just may end up pushing him away from you.

As you can see, handling an extremely attractive boyfriend is not as difficult as it seems. Keeping an open mind and being ready to learn more about works wonders and so does trusting and believing in him.