“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”

Top 5 things Men Want in a Marriage


Men are generally keepers. They keep their feelings and thoughts to themselves. Even in a husband and wife relationship, men, tend to hold their feelings and ideas to their wives. Unfortunately, wives are not mind readers but, fortunately, men are simple creatures.

As women and as wives particularly, if we are only sensitive enough to their needs and wants in our relationship with them, we can avoid any miscommunication and misunderstandings. In our marriage, it takes two to tango. It takes the husband and the wife to make the marriage work.

So what are the things that women should know and understand in men to make the marriage work smoothly and harmoniously? What are the top five things men want in marriage?

  1. Unconditional Love – Because you married your husband it is only normal that he would expect you to love him unconditionally. Regardless of his past, annoying toilet habits or his attitude, love your husband unconditionally. By giving unconditional love, you will also receive his unconditional love.
  2. Respect – Love and respect must go hand in hand for a marriage to be successful. Respect the need and wants of your husband. He is different from you. The mere fact that you married your husband, it means that you respect him and value the person that he will bring in your marriage. Show him respect by showing and teaching your children to respect their father. Give your husband the voice in the family, give him the inspiration but as a man let him decide for the family.
  3. TLC – Inside the marriage, the husband expect the wife to give him Tender, Love and Care. You can do little things that would actually matter to him. Learn his favorite seafood pasta and surprise him with it even without any occasion or you can offer him a 30-min. back massage after a hard day’s work for trying to provide the needs of the family. Not only will he appreciate it, he will love you for it.
  4. Sex and lots of it. – Part of your role as a wife is giving yourself to your husband whole heartedly, mentally and physically. In the eyes of God, your husband owns your body and you own your husband.
  5. Affirmation – Compliment your husband from time to time. When you compliment, avoid sugar-coating it. The best words to say to anybody come from the heart. Make your compliment honest and heartfelt. Tell him you admire his way of washing his car leaving it spotless clean or the way he tucks your children to sleep making him a responsible and loving father to your children. Tell him all his strengths as a husband or as a father. This will increase his self-worth, confidence and improve your friendship.