“Do not be afraid of exploring your sexuality, fantasies and desires. Embrace them. Love them. Make them yours. They are part of who you are.”

Top 10 Sexual Fantasies Of Men


Men are sexual creatures by nature and studies show that they think about the literal act of sex on an almost second by second basis. So what do their minds wander to, exactly? Read on to learn more about the top ten sexual fantasies of men.

  1. Oral Sex

Who doesn't like sitting back and letting their partner take care of their needs, so to speak? This fantasy is perfect, since it matches sex with laziness.

  1. Role Playing

This certainly spice things up and there is no man alive who can resist the idea of deflowering the virginal cheerleader or punishing the naughty schoolgirl who decided that she was going to skip detention.

  1. Exploring Fetishes

Men have a variety of fetishes, some of which they may be too bashful to share. Whether he's into BDSM or has a secret thing for the BBW types out there, trust and believe, he is thinking about his fetishes constantly.

  1. Putting Her In Charge

Having your way with that special someone is always fun, so what could possibly be more fun than that? Putting her in charge and allowing her to have her way with you, of course!

  1. Anal Sex

There must be something about anal sex that keeps men coming back (no pun intended), because this is one of the most common fantasies that you will hear men discussing when the beers are flowing and there are no women present.

  1. Domination

The manly men out there (and even some who are not so manly) fantasize regularly about dominating a woman sexually. There is just something about having complete and total control over someone else's body that is great for libido and ego alike.

  1. Voyeurism

Why do you think so many men are perfectly okay with the idea of having sex in public? It is not because they are afraid of being seen. Deep down, they are actually hoping that someone will!

  1. Watching Others

If watching porn was all about looking at pretty women and achieving self-gratification, then men would simply watch girl on girl videos and be content. But there is something about sex watching that they cannot get enough of.

  1. Dressing Women Up

Whether he admits it or not, every man has a favorite outfit that he likes to see a woman in, an outfit that appeals to his basest desires. For some, this may be Victoria's Secret lingerie, while for other men, this could be a little bit more complicated.

  1. Ménage A Trois

The Holy Grail for most men, since it appeals to their base instincts and is a simple mathematical exercise. Two women are always much better than just one woman, right?