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What Causes Early Menopause and How to Prevent It

When we talk about “menopause”, this is something to be associated with the women. It is a situation wherein the production of estrogen stopped. If the age of 51 is already reached, menopause is anticipated. However, there are cases of menopause before reaching the age of 40. The causes are usually centered on the effect of a surgery that requires ovary removal or chemotherapy for cancer. In some situations, women are totally puzzled due to the absence of clear explanations.

Here are the causes of early menopause that you need to know:

  • Genes may be responsible for early menopause. A daughter could inherit her condition from her mother. Try to track the experience of your mother; if she said that your family is prone, you will also have the chance to have the same experience.
  • Chromosome defects. If there is any defect in line with chromosomes, it may be caused by Tuner syndrome. This condition refers to such when a young girl was born with incomplete number of chromosomes.
  • Lifestyle factors. Cigarette smokers are prone to premature menopause, especially if smoking is a regular habit. The production of the estrogen hormones is interrupted when someone smokes. If women will prefer positive habits and disciplined diet, there is a greater chance to avoid the risks.
  • BMI or Body Mass Index. It is important to note that estrogen counts are found in fat tissues. For thin women, it is expected that the stored estrogen is lesser than those found in bigger women.
  • Autoimmune diseases. If an inflammation occurs, the ovaries may be affected. For example, rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid disease can contribute to the declining system. When the ovaries are attacked, they will stop working.
  • This disorder actually results to the failing functions of the ovaries. POF or premature ovarian failure makes menopause earlier.
  • Bilateral oophorectomy. This includes the removal of ovaries. After the operation, a woman will instantly stop having monthly periods. The estrogen counts will drop as well.
  • Uterus removal. With a surgery done, women’s hormone production will be stopped. Menstruation will no longer happen due to the affected blood supply.

After being familiar with the possible causes, it is equally important to learn about the solutions too. Here are some options you should consider:

  • Regular exercise. This is a cost-effective solution because you will simply go out of your house and do healthy exercises. Jogging and walking are great ideas. Aside from keeping the body in shape, you will be benefitted by regular menstrual periods.
  • Stop smoking. If one will be able to rest the temptation of smoking, there will be no absorption of harmful chemicals. Blood circulation won’t be at risk.
  • Eat phytoestrogen-enriched foods. Wheat and soy products are known as good sources of phytoestrogen. One should not ignore the capabilities of these sources in addressing the insufficient hormones.
  • Antioxidants intake. At first, it may sound cliché to say that eating fruits and vegetables is important. This will help a lot on fighting early menopause.

Women will overcome the risks of premature menopause if they are properly guided about the cause and existing treatment.