“True success, true happiness lies in freedom and fulfillment.”

What does success mean to you? Does it mean having a happy family? Being the CEO of a huge multinational corporation, having many fast cars and large houses? Or maybe even ending world hunger and and end to all forms of war?

success_babySuccess can be segregated into different hierarchies and each hierarchy sees success differently in their neural pathways.

Let’s look at a number of ways you can define your success using this hierarchy:

1. Not starving

Did you know that not starving to death or being swamped by the recession is a form of success?

Just because all you think about are first world problems doesn’t mean that others who didn’t die of malaria or religious persecution in a foreign land doesn’t mean they are a success.

Based on the environment that some people grow up in, ending their life well at the finish line is a great form of success indeed.

2. Devotion to a cause

If you have a burning desire to be serving a cause outside of just survival, it shows that devotion to a cause and giving value back to the world is your form of success.

These people are living their mission and purpose with a focus that takes the focus away from their selves and serves a cause that is much bigger – so big that some are willing to give their lives and surrender the rest of their days to that cause.

These causes can come in any form from religious piety to society advancement, from romantic love to service to society. One can even be fully devoted to their football club!

3. Economic and material freedom

When one becomes fully actualized in their mind and spirit, their thoughts awaken to the point that they are able to use their willpower to manifest empires.

The catchword of the success status of the people here is, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me!”

These are the people who create companies, monopolizes personal influence, create staggering success with a midas touch and conquers materialistic abundance.

These people are the movers and shakers of the world and they create their own success.

4. Healing the world

What happens once you conquer the world? Then what? What next?

The next step is to heal it. This is where their focus moves away from building empires to healing the world. The collective consciousness has experienced great shifts over the past few years and more and more people are moving away from ‘me, myself and I’ to treating others as ‘your pain is my pain – we are one’.

The people in this group also has great empathy for others as a whole and are moved by their overwhelming empathy to re-organize the world and create a new world that is less restricted by the systems that are not working.

To encapsulate this quadrant, imagine yourself singing John Lennon’s famous some.

5. Detachment

The final stage of success is not one defined by successfully surviving, devotion to causes, material gail or even healing the world.

The people at this state might have done it all already. Sometimes, they might not do anything about it. It’s not because they don’t care, but because they are detached from the  dangers of not surviving or the societal conditioning of what success truly is.

People who are in this detached state, while not denying their need for these tools, see success merely as tools to get something done without immersing themselves in the process.

Detached people are by default, successful because they truly live by their own moral code of what success is all about.

Whatever your definition of success is, it is what you decide it is. If you allow your thoughts to be dominated by the success definitions of other people than success is lacking indeed.


So what is your definition of success?