“The best teamwork comes from men who are working independently toward one goal in unison.”

5 Ways To Build A High-Performance Team


Have you ever worked with a team that motivates you to wake up and get up from bed every morning to go to work? Do you feel an unusual drive and unstoppable energy when you are with them? Have you worked together to accomplish a particular task where all of you thought was nearly impossible? This kind of team pushes you to give your best because you feel a sense of belongingness and you know that whatever happens, they got your back. This kind of team makes every working day awesome and exciting.

Have you ever been on a team where people are trying to get ahead of each other? Do you feel that you are walking on eggshells and can’t say what you think or feel because of your fear to offend your colleagues? In this kind of team, people don’t have the freedom to express themselves and bring out their best potential because those around them would either get jealous or annoyed because of what you are contributing to the team. You would take every opportunity to bunk from work because you are not comfortable.

Here are some ways you can build a high performance team:

  1. Have a leader.

Identify or select someone who can act as a leader. Select a leader who can challenge and at the same time motivate the team to give their best performances in every task. Look for someone charismatic and can easily influence each member in a good way.

  1. Identify team’s purpose.

Figure out the team’s goals and discuss it with the team members. For example, it would be beneficial for a research and development team to have people with diverse backgrounds so it is not advisable to limit their knowledge in one area only. It would be truly favorable for the team to have more female members since they have higher social sensitivity compared to men, so it is expected that the team makes smarter decisions and therefore progresses more rapidly on their purpose.

  1. Appreciate each team member.

Appreciation is one way to encourage someone to work harder and perform better at what they do. When someone feels unappreciated, he tends to not give his best and become unproductive. It wouldn’t hurt to give compliments once in a while for team members who did a great job. Recognizing their ideas and showing appreciation to their contributions to the team can actually help in gaining more favorable outcomes in future projects.

  1. Encourage each member to become a leader and at the same time a team player.

Attitude is very important in creating a high performance team in the workplace. Some people are good leaders and some are better as team players. Remember that the team members aren’t competing with one another. The main goal is to encourage each and everyone to become “A players” and not be a star player on their own. Some people who believe that the workplace is a big fighting arena tend to become overly aggressive in order to get ahead even if it would mean hurting his teammates’ feelings. There is nothing wrong to want to become a leader, but you have to be an active team player as well.

  1. Create a safe environment in the workplace.

It is important to have an environment that is physically and emotionally safe for the team members. A healthy workplace is something where people know that they can be completely open to voice out their ideas and won’t be emotionally attacked behind their backs. Building friendships in the workplace is necessary to create this kind of environment. But of course, it should be genuine in nature.