“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”

Top 10 Reasons Why Men Leave The Woman They Love


There are so many breakups in our society today and that leaves us to wonder. Why a man will abandon the woman he loves? The most common question on most women’s lip after a breakup is why did he leave me? There are many reasons why men leave the woman they truly love. After numerous research, here are top 10 reasons why a man will leave the woman he loves.

1. Cheating

A large number if not all men will leave any woman, regardless of how much they love her, the moment he know she’s cheating on him. Men tend to see cheating as a humiliation and a slap on their ego. The humiliation and fear of what happens when families and friends find out makes a man uncomfortable with such a relationship.

2. Dishonesty

Woman often hides certain things because they think their man might leave them if he finds out, but be rest assure that he’ll most likely leave if he finds out you’re not being honest with him. It’s easier for him to forgive you if you open up to him rather than him finding out by himself.

3. Making him feel jealous always

This is something most women don’t ever notice. Yet it contributes a lot to their relationship. Making your man jealous either by flirting with other men or by attracting other men makes your partner uncomfortable. If done repeatedly knowingly or unknowingly can make him leave you.

4. Acting like you don’t care

Some woman loves to pretend like they don’t care when in actual fact they really do. This can make a man feel uncomfortable around you or sharing certain information with you because he’ll think you don’t really care.

5. Insecurity

Acting insecure is another good way of telling your man to leave. No man wants to be with a woman who is not secured or wants it all from him.

6. Negative mindset

By default, everyone wants to be around positive minded people and the reason is very obvious. Positive people will motivate and encourage you. So think twice about your negative mindset

7. Constant nagging

Even a woman wouldn’t want to be around a nagging man, so why should a man? Nagging is a good way of saying “go for all I care”.

8. Sudden change

The only way to make a man fall back in love with you is to be the woman he fell in love with in the first place. Remember that.

9. Unappreciative

There are two words men love to hear “I’m sorry” when you’re wrong and “thank you” when he does something for you.

10. You no longer look attractive to him

Maintaining your status even after birth is a value men cherish in their women. They want you to look 20 despite the fact that you’re 50.