“Some things are destined to be, it just takes us a couple of tries to get there.”

10 Clear Signs You And Your Partner Are Not Meant For Each Other

Relationships come and relationships go. But mostly, they go. When you are considering moving on from your current significant other, these are the clearest signs that you are not meant for one another.

  1. You're Happier Without Them

We can all use an occasional break from one another, but when you find yourself rooting for them to go out with their friends so that you can get a moment's peace? Not a very strong sign.

  1. Wishing They Would Change

You should love your partner for who they are, not what you think that you can turn them into. If these are the thoughts you are having, then you do not truly love the person you're with.

  1. Too Many Arguments

Differences of opinion are one thing. No couple is going to agree on every single subject or topic. But all you do is fight, then you need to go your own separate ways.

  1. Intimate Moments Are Ho Hum

The bedroom spark cannot burn at the same pace it did in the beginning and if the boudoir is beginning to seem like more of an obligation than anything else, it's time to move on.

  1. Lack of Communication

The quantity of your communication is not what's important, it is the quality. When your conversations are all surface level and nothing real is being discussed, your connection is not that strong.

  1. You Think About Other People

Whether it’s one of your exes or that cute cashier at the convenience store, any time spent thinking about members of the opposite sex is a sure sign that you are dying to leave.

  1. Talking To Others About Your Problems

Do you find yourself running to your friends to discuss your relationship problems, instead of the person you're in the relationship with? This is a gigantic, flashing neon warning sign.

  1. Different Plans For The Future

During the conversations when you dream of the future, does the other person's path seem to differ from your own? If so, this means that you are not planning to have a future together, whether you realize it or not.

  1. More Cons Than Pros

Making a pros and cons list has a great way of bringing things into clear perspective. It's simple enough: if there are more cons than pros on your list, then you need to give serious thought of leaving.

  1. Look Within

If you take a moment to look deep down inside, you know in your heart of hearts whether this person is meant for you.

Breaking up is never easy. However, no one should ever settle for something less than great. Learning more about the warning signs that you are not meant for each other can save you both a great deal of heartache over the long haul.