“Real men stay faithful. They don’t have time to look for other women because they’re too busy looking for new ways to love their own.”

15 Signs Your Man Is Faithful To You


No one wants to experience the pain of being cheated by their partners. But, at some point in time, this could happen to anyone since there can be no way to obtain hundred percent assurance that this will not happen. However, there are some signs to determine that your man is faithful to you and these are as follows:

1. He Has Good Track Record

If he doesn’t cheat before, then you are assured that he’s not likely to do it now. Man can get into cheating habit and the more they do it, the simpler for them to do the same thing again and again. If he doesn’t have any cheating history, then probably it’s not in his nature to cheat you.

2. He's Working Towards Similar Goals With You

If you made plans together and strive to have the same goals, then chances are he will be more focused on achieving that goal with you and for you which will make your relationship with your man even stronger.

3. He's Happy With You

There are always underlying reason behind an unfaithful man. If he is not comfortable and happy with you then obviously he will look for it somewhere else and eventually enjoy accompanying others who can fulfill his needs and wants. Furthermore, a sense of belonging and security is essential to both genders and if this will be missing, then there is a possibility that he will cheat on you.

4. He Has No Secrets

When your man is comfortable being with you and shares everything to you, then you can relax and be confident that he will not try to cheat on you.

5. You're The Apple Of His Eyes

If his eyes are not roving, when you are out of his sight and seemed to have eyes only for you, then you may be confident that he is not on the lookout for other girls.

6. He Never Disappear Without an Explanation

If your man always inform you about his activities and who he's going to be with then that's a sign that he is loyal to you. You can then be sure that he’s not telling you something else but a complete truth.

7. He Hangs Out with Good Guys

If he is faithful, then he will not hide his friends from you and when he mixes with a bunch of good guys chances are, they will encourage him to keep going on the right path.

8. He Is Faithful in the Past

Ask for his past relationships and when you find out that he has been faithful to them, then chances are he will also be faithful to you.

9. His Parents are Faithful

Is your partner’s parent still together? Well, whatever kind of relationship that his parents have, it will always have an impact on him.

10. You Have A Good Gut Feeling to Him

More than anything else, your gut feeling to him matters. However, it is also important to note that you carefully separate your unrealistic suspicions from your true intuition.

11. He's Happy With What You Have

If a man shows contentment in all the things you are giving and showing him, then he will not probably cheat on you.

12. You are His Top Priority

He doesn’t look for other priorities anymore as you serve as his topmost priority. He wanted to make you feel happy and satisfied.

13. He Felt Loved And Respected

Man will not do any form of cheating practices when he is always respected, loved and inspired by his partner.

14. He Accepts You As You Are

If he is showing that he accepts you for who you are and he is happy with you, then there is a big possibility that he will not look for other girls anymore.

15. He's Committed

If your partner shows commitment in your relationship, that's a solid sign that he will not cheat on you.

These are just some of the signs that your man is faithful to you. When these signs are observed in your partner, then you are assured that he is truly faithful to you.