“A Physical Attraction is common, but a Mental Connection is rare”

How To Capture His Attention In Under 5 Minutes


Getting a man’s attention isn’t exactly difficult. You’re not going to need to be a rocket scientist. Though, it can be challenging at times. Here, we’re going to give you some tips to get his attention in five minutes or less. Most of these techniques will work right away. You’ll have his attention in less than a minute.

Perfume is something that always attracts a guy’s attention. You won’t even need to say a word. You’ll want to make sure that you’re not wearing too much perfume. That can have the opposite effect that you’re seeking. Sure, it can get his attention. But, he’s not going to want to stick around. A little dab is all you need.

Men are visual creatures. Take advantage of this. Be as sexy as you feel comfortable being. No one is saying that you should look trashy. You’re trying to get the guy’s attention. Not make him drool all over the place. You can be covered from head to toe and still show off your curves. That’s what he wants to see. Give him exactly that. Show him how much of a woman you really are.

It’s all about the eye contact. The way a woman looks at a man can say everything. A look can be both sensual and sexy at the same time. All while telling the guy exactly what you’re interested in. Don’t be shy when using your eyes. They can say a whole lot more than your mouth can. All it takes is one look to hook in the right guy.

Find a way to touch him accidentally. It can be nothing more than just a touch on the hand. It will get his attention right away. No one can not notice when someone from the opposite sex is touching them. Especially if they find that person attractive. Use the power of touch to gain his attention right way. Then use your other skills to charm him.

Make sure he knows you’re confident. You’re not a wilting flower. You’re a woman that’s sure of herself. Don’t say it in words. Say it with your body language. Stand up straight and make sure your shoulders are square. Let him know that you’re someone to take seriously. Too many people undervalue body language. Confidence is sexy. Guys notice it and they’ll be attracted to you because of it.

Be yourself. Have a good time. No one likes a person that’s fake. Don’t be someone you’re not. It’s easy to do when you’re trying to attract a guy. Some women will do it at all costs. Don’t be one of those women. It’ll hurt you in the long run. At some point the guy will notice that you’re not the woman he thought you were. That will do nothing but cause problems.

Attracting the opposite sex should be fun. Enjoy yourself. Flirting and attracting men is fun and exciting. The guy will know if you’re enjoying yourself. It rubs off. He’ll notice it and want to be around you even more.