A Mother Invents Water Bottle Holster Ti Help Her Daughter and Raise Money for Non Profit

Screenshot 2017-02-09 14.16.30When Maleena, Tamra Johnson’s 13-year-old daughter suffered a kidney failure, she was devastated. The family contracted the E.Coli bacteria from a vacation in 2013, which caused Maleena to lose both her kidneys. After close to a year on dialysis treatment, the doctors recommended that Maleena receives a kidney transplant. Fortunately, her dad stepped in and donated one of his kidneys, which guaranteed that Maleena could live a long healthy life.

Like most patients who undergo a kidney transplant, Maleena had to make various life changes to keep her kidney healthy and functional. One of these changes required Maleena to drink at least 3 liters of water daily in order to maintain the organ’s efficiency. As is the case with any teenager, Maleena struggled to maintain her water intake, partly because she kept losing water bottle. As a result, her mom stepped in with a grand idea to invent a contraption that would keep track of her teenager’s water bottle, ensuring that she consumed the recommended water intake.

Tamra needed to come up with an invention that could accommodate a giant bottle massive enough to carry the water, and a design that her daughter would be comfortable carrying around. After a lot of thought and deliberation, she created HOLSTRit, a holster designed to house her daughter’s water bottle. The holster is quite different from other bottle holders because while other products of the same variety tend to have an athletic aesthetic and feel, her device is comfortable and is available in a range of stylish and vibrant patterns. The holster is comfortable to carry around and can be worn on the waist, or across the chest with the support of a cross-body strap.

Tamra had the devices made for her family, but when friends and relatives realized how functional the contraption was, people in her neighborhood started asking for the mass production of the holster. Tamra started selling her product on a large scale last fall, and so far, she has managed to draw a lot of media interest from local and national TV broadcasts, having appeared in nine shows in 2015.

Although HOLSTRit was originally designed as a water bottle holster, it can also functionally be used for storing your phone and keys, as it has compartments that make it handy to use. HOLSTRit retails at about $25 and is available in most stores in the country. When asked about her kidney transplant, Maleena says that the experience rarely crosses her mind, which makes for a healthy happy teenager.