Manifestation Is Like Chess

Have you ever received an unexpected check in the mail?
Received a call from a person who has a great opportunity or windfall for you?
Or perhaps found a few coincidental opportunities to visit certain places or meet certain people when you are traveling?

It looks like you've hit a manifestation jackpot because it looks too good to be true.

But in reality, there are no coincidences in this world.
Nothing happens by accident and if it's something you've ‘accidentally' manifested, you can be sure it's because you have laid the right foundation for it to happen and it happened at a time you weren't expecting it to happen.

Manifestation doesn't happen overnight. Like a cosmic chessboard, it takes some time for the universe to arrange the pieces to make things happen.

chessuniverseImagine if you are a piece on the chessboard – let's say you're the bishop. You can only see things diagonally within your line of sight but there will always be other things going on around you. The next thing you know, you have checkmated the king.

From the perspective of the chess piece, there's no way you can see the entire board and everything that is going on in an omniscient sort of way. But if you are the chess player (the universe, the higher power etc) everything is going perfectly according to plan.

There are no accidents because once you set an intention for something, even long after you have forgotten about it, it will set the plan in motion. From our perspective of the ‘chess piece', you can't see everything that is going on but from the perspective of the ‘chess player' (the universe), it has been shuffling chess pieces on the board since the first move.

When things seem that they are not going as planned, focus on the big picture. Not from what you can see now. Because when you least expected it, everything will work out for you perfectly because the hand of the universe has the perfect timing for you.