“Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart.”

10 Commonly Believed Dating Myths


Have you ever felt really positive about a date, only for it to end in a complete unexpected result? This may be due to the many dating myths we have all at some point fallen prey to.

No matter what kind of dates we decide to go on, we always go into them with some sort of preconceived notions and expectations about our dates and how the events are meant to go. There are many dating myths out there that could be getting in the way of you having a great dating experience, and hindering your ability to find the right partner. The myths below usually seem to make sense and this is why they can be so deceptive and powerful. This article will discuss 10 of the most commonly believed dating myths today.

Myth 1: It's always best to meet at a bar or club

Even though the atmosphere at a bar or club may be more relaxed, it is also usually very busy and noisy, making it difficult for you to have a meaningful conversation with your date.

Myth 2: You should always be fashionably late

While arriving a few minutes late can make you seem more laid back and does show that you're not a stickler for details, arriving more than 10 minutes late could signal a disrespect for your date's time! Being punctual is important!

Myth 3: Dress casually

Consider where you're going out before you choose an outfit. A more casual style is perfect for an outdoor date, but generally you want to dress to impress and to show off your best assets!

Myth 4: Don't talk about the future

If you don't talk about your future hopes, plans and dreams, you're paving the way for a potential disappointment somewhere down the line, as well as too much time spent on the wrong person! That being said, it might be best not to discuss the topic too intensely.

Myth 5: Don't talk about the past

We all come with a little baggage, and while your date definitely does NOT need to know about how great your ex-boyfriend was. In order to get to know you better, your date will probably like to know a bit about your past, in order to understand where you're coming from.

Myth 6: Men should always take care of the bill

This is an out-of-date belief that is now generally frowned upon and may give your date the wrong impression about you (whether you're a girl expecting the guy to pay, or if you're a guy who just won't accept that a girl may want to split the bill). “Going Dutch” is always the best option for first dates especially.

Myth 7: Don't have sex on the first date

How you feel about this myth depends entirely on your own values and personal feelings on the issue. If it feels right, why hold back just because of some inaccurate stereotypes you may have heard of?!

Myth 8: Friends-with-benefits are definitely not relationship material

In reality, many healthy, long-term relationships begin from a “friends-with-benefits” situation! This sort of start often results in relationships in which both individuals are honest and open with each other, and are friends first – this is a huge plus.

Myth 9: Men should be the ones to follow up after a date

If you're a girl who's just had a wonderful date, you don't want to seem too eager by sending an immediate message. But after a 12 hour break, you shouldn't hesitate to get in touch! A man will appreciate you taking the first step and it'll definitely reflect positively on you!

Myth 10: If the first date goes bad, you're not meant for each other

First impressions are important, but if you feel your date has a few great qualities along with some others that may not be up to par, going on a second and third date could help you clear up a few issues and to make a better informed decision as to whether you want to pursue a relationship with the person.

Don't allow the above dating myths to hold your love life and happiness hostage! Now that you're aware of the inaccuracy of these myths, you can re-enter the dating scene in a much more positive, confident and ultimately productive way!