“Judging a person does not define who they are, it defines who you are.”

3 reasons Why Being Judgmental Makes You Unhappy


Sometimes being judgmental gets the best of us and as a result makes silly mistakes in our life. When you let your emotions get in your way, then it is to make judgments on close friends and family members which will affect your relationship. It gets harsh when you cannot find your own happiness since you are entirely focused on watching others. Judging should be left to God alone. It can lead to isolation, stress, depression and eventually heart related complications if unattended to.

Why do you think being judgmental can deprive you happiness?

Here’s why;

  1. It can lead to hatred

Hatred can be yielded as a result of getting used to judging others. When it gets out of control your heart becomes vulnerable to resentment. You may have a perception about something or someone, but it does not necessarily mean that you are right in your judgment. For that you will focus on negative energy which will bruise your happiness in the end as well as make you temperamental. The key to happiness is by avoiding taking the responsibility of being a judge of others. You will feel annoyed every time you come into contact with people you harshly judge in your mind based on baseless facts.

  1. It is easy to become a Control freak

Judging others will make you a control freak gradually. When bestow it upon yourself to start deciding who is right and who is wrong, then you are killing your own happiness. It affects your relationship with people who are around you negatively when they feel that you are always judging them. They will end up keeping away from you which will make your life miserable.No one likes being around people who question their every action. It is unbearable.

  1. It affects our emotional freedom

Being judgmental is very dangerous. The simple reason is that it easily influences your emotions in one way or the other. When you have a certain negative perception or belief about someone it becomes very difficult to be open-minded as far as he/she is concerned. Consequently, you will find yourself feeling unhappy whenever they are around which will deny you from acquiring peace of mind. Have you ever found your smile fading unconsciously after meeting someone you hold in low regards? Well,it is hard to feel happy around them. 


Judgments can make your mind to become chaotic and thus, you should avoid it at all costs. Look for the finer things in life; appreciate even the simple things instead of being critical about everything. Practice humility and gratitude, only then will you be able to find your own happiness and peace.