Jamie Richard Vardy – Scoring Success One Goal at a Time

vardy“When you get into an academy and you are playing football every day of the week that is all you ever want to do.” – Jamie Vardy

The success of Jamie Vardy and his Leicester Football Club is one that draws up much inspiration. In the 2015/2016 football season, Leicester came from the relegation zone to become England’s premier league champions with Jamie Vardy scoring 19 goals in the season. This success had never been seen in the hugely competitive English football.

Jamie Vardy was born in Sheffield in 1987 to a crane worker and an office clerk. He began his football career by attending the local Sheffield Wednesday, but they released him at the age of 16 on the claim that he was too small. Vardy was not discouraged and continued studying sports science at Rotherham.

Vardy signed up with Stockbridge Park Steels who recognized his special talent and gave him a major role in the club’s play. A run in with the law on the account of a pub brawl led to probation and some disruption of his football performance.

His career exploded on joining Halifax town FC and then Fleetwood FC. He scored 31 goals in his debut season and started attracting the attention of big clubs. In 2012, Leicester paid £1 million for Vardy which was a record sum for a player not playing for a league club. Vardy’s star had really started to shine.

Vardy spurred Leicester to the top of the English Championship in the 2013/2014 season with 16 goals to his name. This promoted Leicester to the English premier league. His performance against top flight football clubs like Manchester united announced that he truly belonged to top football.

jamieVardy’s talent and skills were highlighted in the 2015/2016 league football season when Leicester got a string of victories to climb up to the top of the premier league standings. Vardy set a record for himself by scoring a goal in 11 consecutive matches. He received a Guinness World Record for his achievement while Leicester went on to claim the league title.

Jamie Vardy’s transfer value was described as priceless, having risen to £22 million in a span of 4 years. His immense talent has been recognized by receiving several awards among them PFA Team of the Year, FWA Footballer of the Year, and Barclay’s Premier League Player of the Season Award. Jamie Vardy continues being a force to reckon with in English football.

Affirmation for today:

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