“It is through our failure that greatness happens.”


5 Inspiring Rags To Riches Stories

1- Jon Hunt

Jon Hunt grew up in a poor army family in the UK. He began a career in property at the age of 19, when he borrowed £100 in order to buy a bedroom conversion for £4,500. He worked as a real estate agent for some years. When he was 28, he and a friend founded Foxtons, a real estate agency. The company was not successful, so they had to work with commissions of 0%, as well as work with long hours. Eventually, the company was successful, and today Hunt is very well-known.

2- Tegla Laroupe

Tegla Laroupe is a long-distance runner from Kenya. Her father had four wives; she had more than twenty siblings. Growing up, her family was so poor that Laroupe had to work in the fields. When she started attending school at age seven, it was so far that she had to run ten kilometers in her bare feet every morning. Her parents were not pleased with her passion in running. In 1988, when she was still in her teens, she won a high-ranking cross-country race, and was nominated for the junior world championships. She was so successful that she was able to run full-time. Throughout her career, she has been the first African woman to win the New York Marathon, broke the world records for marathon time (2:20:43), and held world records for marathons of 1 hour, and 20, 25, and 30 kilometers.

3- Oprah Winfrey

Oprah lived in poverty throughout her childhood, and was so poor that she had no choice but to wear potato sacks to school. In addition , she was sexually abused when she was quite young. She managed to make her way up to college, though, and eventually began working as a news anchor for a television station. Although her more emotional style of reporting the news did not succeed there, she was transferred to work on a daytime talk show that wasn't doing well. With Oprah at its head, the show was such a success that she was able to start her own show, The Oprah Winfrey Show. Not only was this one of the most popular talk shows ever, but she also acted The Color Purple—a performance for which she was nominated for an Oscar.

4- Li Ka Shing

Li Ka Shing is known as having been one of the richest people in Asia. Although his father headed an elementary school in Asia, he grew up poor, with not many opportunities for formal education. When he was 12, in 1940, his family fled from China to Hong on account of the Japanese invasion. In Hong Kong, the family members were poor immigrants, and his father died three years later. Drawing from his experience in making plastic watchbands and belts to help out his family, Li founded his own plastics factory in Hong Kong in 1950. Come 1958, his company—which made plastic flowers—was quite successful. As time went on, he started investing in real estate. Today, not only has he amassed quite a lot of money, but he is a well-known philanthropist as well.

5- Bernard Lewis

When he was twenty, Lewis opened up his own shop, selling fruits and vegetables. The shop was built of wood and corrugated iron, and was located on top of a bomb site, but nevertheless it succeeded. In 1948, he began the fashion chain River Island, which his family still owns today. It is very successful, and has made a lot of profit over the years.