“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”

Some people might say that the key to manifesting your dream life is to find lots and lots of external forms of happiness like material wealth, fast cars, mansions and expensive vacations. However glamorous these things may be, it doesn't hold the key to happiness because it doesn't come from within but rather from without.

If you are looking for external stimulations to help you to manifest better, it will only last temporarily. It will not produce lasting results that you desire. Lasting happiness will not be yours unless it comes from within.

Imagine your heart like a wellspring of joy. Imagine the water – it is a fountain that produces happy emotions from within. If you switch it off, it doesn't matter how many buckets of water you try and fill it up from the outside, it will dry up eventually. That is the illusion of external happiness.

Internal happiness springs forth from who you are. It is your natural state because each and every human being is made in the image of a higher power that has joy and happiness in it's very essence. All you need to do is reconnect to that divinity which is within you and your fountain will start producing happy emotions once again.