Instead of Resolutions – Do This For 2016

People are frantically putting their New Year's resolutions together hoping to have a great change in their lives. They will be lucky if they make it past the 30th of January (or even the 3rd for some) because the mind does not work well with resolutions.

no-more-resolutionsResolutions aren't ‘sticky'. They do not ‘anchor' long term feelings of productivity because it isn't rooted in the subconscious mind. It only exists in the conscious mind the same way you tend to feel more alert getting up when you are late for work. So when it comes to time sensitive things, it is only temporary.

Here is a better way if you want to have resolutions that actually stick:

1) Do not focus on ‘losing' something. Losing anchors pain and lack. Instead, focus on a big hairy audacious goal for 2015. Would you like to travel to your favorite destinations? Have a dozen kids or touch 1 million lives as a personal development expert? Only big hairy audacious goals give you long term drive.

2) Create habits that surround these goals as a structure to give you results. Wishful thinking will not cut it. For example, if your goal was to start an Internet business, what habits will surround your goals? Habits such as investing 2-3 hours a day into your business after work, reading articles on marketing your business or attending the next Internet marketing seminar will help.

3) Be accountable to others. Talk to others about your dreams and goals. Find the people who are supportive to those goals and be accountable to them. This will work better if you admire someone and the last thing you want to do is let them down.

4) Have a dream that is bigger than you. When you only live for yourself, you will not demand so much from yourself. After all, how much money can a person spend before they get bored? If you watch ‘Groundhog day', hedonistic living will only get you so far before you get bored. But when you focus on living for others or a big cause, something you are duty bound to fulfill, you will not fail them – especially when your friends and family are on the line.

Here's to a great 2016!