“How you react emotionally is a choice in any situation.”,

3 Ways to Achieve Emotional Freedom


Emotional freedom is the ability to free oneself from emotional dependency. In life we normally find ourselves swimming in murky waters as a result of being controlled by our emotions. Our ability to make sound decisions becomes sabotaged in the end. Consequently our decision making becomes affected in one way or the other. It is crucial to remember that how you respond emotionally to a situation is entirely your own responsibility. We have the unique power to make choices in life as human beings. When you are overwhelmed by your emotions you are more vulnerable to suffering from anxiety. Our self-esteem gets badly battered when our emotional health is in a bad state. On the other hand emotional freedom is the key to endless peace of mind.

Now is the right time to fight for emotional freedom and free yourself from anxiety. How can you achieve emotional freedom?

Here’s how;

  1. Be in control of your emotions

Emotional freedom can only be achieved through taking greater personal responsibility as far as your emotions are concerned. Many people blame others for their unhappiness as a result of being too attached emotionally with them. To avert such unfortunate situations it is wise to take total control of your own happiness without letting others influence your emotions negatively. Learn to be more appreciative, self-love and avoid things that upset you all the time. Don’t be afraid to express your emotions freely. Let it be known when you are angry, happy, and uneasy and so forth. This is the only way you can avoid emotional imbalance. Learn how to be passionate, patient and compassionate with yourself to achieve emotional freedom.

  1. Read books on emotional freedom

There are a lot of great books that talk about emotional freedom. Investing in some of them will enrich your thinking which is important to achieving emotional freedom. There are people who suffer from low self-esteem and low confidence levels. Reading such books will boost your morale, self-esteem and confidence. Knowledge is power and its one of the best ways of breaking free from mental slavery that comes with anxiety. Consequently, you will be able to make decisions rationally.

  1. Let your past go

Many are the times that we find ourselves trapped in our past. For that, we experience unhappiness on many occasions. Sometimes our feelings get wounded as a result of breakups or failed relationships. In life, it is inevitable to avoid experiencing core painful feelings in our day to day encounters with others. Many lives have been ruined by focusing on the past emotional attachments. People end up in anxiety, depression, anger and fear of the future. You should never let what happened in the past affect your present or future. Letting your past go means that you have taken responsibility of your emotions and you are ready for your future endeavors. The best path to emotional freedom starts with acceptance.


Emotional freedom and physical wellbeing leads to optimal health.