“In the end, it all comes to choices to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones”

blocksWhen a person has manifestation blocks, it means that on a very deep, unconscious level, they don’t really want what they want.

People can say or shout till their faces turn blue that they want to manifest something. But if they do not manifest it, it simply means that deep down inside, they don’t want what they want (otherwise they would have gotten it already or somewhere down the line).

4 tips on how to remove these manifestation blocks:

You must have a world view of abundance.
Without an abundant mindset and inner knowing, you will never attract things on a daily basis unless you are willing to see abundance even in your apparent lack.

You can’t get what you can’t see.
Instead of beating a dead horse by telling yourself how unlucky you are or how bad you are in manifestation, instead you should focus on making yourself feel good by focusing on your dreams. Take a ride to an area that you would like to live. Look through brochures or websites for your desired holiday destination. In other words – keep looking for what you want.

Play life at 100%.
Don’t slow down – keep going even when life is tough. It only means that you are getting closer and closer to your goal.

Be grateful and expect good things in your life.
Life is what you make it to be. Your mind determines if you get good things in life or bad things in life. As you express gratitude for the good in life, more good things will come to you.