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Did you know that affirmations and showering have something in common?

*** You Have To Do It Daily ***

When your physical bodies start to get sticky or dirty, we tend to hit the showers so we can stay clean. Most people would never skip a day of showering (unless like being dirty, of course!)

Affirmations is one of the most powerful tools that will inspire us and change our destiny.

Yet when it comes to affirmations, we tend to neglect it.

Like showering – you have to do it daily, or else your mind and your emotions will start to stink.

Your affirmations about affirmations begins here:

Here's how you can turn affirmations into a daily habit.

Put your hand on your heart and say it out loud:

  • I practice affirmations daily!
  • I maintain a positive mindset throughout my day!
  • Practicing affirmations is an unbreakable habit for me!
  • I make affirmations a way of life!
  • I say, do and become the person I affirm each day!
  • I end my day with affirmations!
  • I affirm that I will practice my affirmations the first thing in the morning!

We invite you to start your affirmation journey today, and everyday from now on…

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