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If you’re new to Inspired Living Affirmations, then this is the place to get started on your journey to become inspired and live out your legacy.

We have inspiring articles, programs, tools and a thriving community of over 180,000 inspiring individuals who will be on this journey with you together.

The tools we use for our programs combine advanced affirmations audio programs with cutting-edge syllabus, tools that you can use that will be able to reprogram your heart, mind, body and soul so be inspired every moment for the rest of your life.

Here are the topics we will cover:

Inspiring Figures


By riding on the shoulders of giants, it will help you to shortcut your journey to success. Inspiring individuals like Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Oprah, Walt Disney, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many more all have the ability to inspire us to be our best. Let these Inspiring affirmations on inspiring people awaken your heart's deepest desires…


Finding Your Life Purpose


If you are worried that you are unable to leave a legacy if you can't even find your life purpose, then finding your life purpose affirmations will help you to find the reason why you're on earth. All you need to do is say ‘YES' to the universe and it will slowly unfold like a great storybook being written as you read – and that unwritten story is yours!

Overcoming Fear


Living an inspired life is all about having the courage to overcome your fears. Courage is not the absence of fear but rather having the ability to act in spite of it! Many inspirational people have overcome great fear and these affirmations will give you the victory you will need to overcome your own fears and inspire others through your triumphs.

Optimal Health And Ideal Weight


If one aspires to be an inspiration to others, you will need to have a very strong body for your body is the vehicle that will carry you throughout the time you have on earth. Reaching your ideal weight will also serve as a great inspiration to others as well. These affirmations will optimize your health and change your body!

Money And Financial Abundance


There are many inspirational rags-to-riches stories and regardless of your financial state, it is time to write your story and inspire other people that you can be a great success and an inspiration to others. These affirmations will help you to fine tune your money mindset and set your path to having great financial abundance.

Effective Law Of Attraction


The Law of Attraction is a very potent tool when you combine it with affirmations. When the documentary – ‘The Secret' came out, it inspired millions of people to believe that they can attract the life of their dreams. The Law of Attraction, when used effectively, can transform your life in many ways.


Heart Centered Living


More and more people are awakened to the realization that living a heart-centered life is truly the best way to live one's life. Living an inspired life always begins from someone living true to their heart and once you have the belief that you are in total alignment with your heart, then the magic will happen.


Peak Performance And Accelerated Learning


Imagine that you are functioning at the greatest capacity of what you are capable of. Imagine if you are living your life when you are at your full potential. Imagine how inspiring your life will be when you are the best at what you do. Peak performance affirmations will help you to unlock your hidden potential and create powerful personal change.

Positive Thinking


If you want to be live an inspirational life, it all begins with thinking positive thoughts. If your self talk is filled with nothing but negativity, it will no doubt repel people from your vision. These affirmations will show you how to transform your thought patterns and speak a different ‘language' altogether.

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