“Fears are educated into us, and can, if we wish, be educated out.”

10 Tips To Feel Confident Doing Things That Scare You Big Time


 All of us have an innate talent waiting to be explored and shared to the world. Realizing one’s potential and building self-confidence is a lifelong process that scare most of us. We question our ability to do the things that we want to do and capacity to inspire the people around us to work harder and use their God-given talents to make changes to he community and to the world. Building self-confidence is tough especially when the people around you tell you that you’re incapable of doing it. Here’s how you can overcome your lack of confidence to do the things that scare you big time:

  1. Believe in yourself.

We were all born to be survivors and fighters. We were born without insecurities and we don’t really care about people’s judgment. We only care about ourselves and our needs. Doubts started to sink in as soon as we became self-aware. Insecurities materialized one by one and the next thing we know; we are scared to do anything out of fear for what others will say. Whenever you feel scared or unsure about yourself, remember that you are innately confident. You just need to find it deep within yourself.

  1. Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

Ask yourself what your strengths and weaknesses are and make a list. Identify the things that you love and where you’re really good at. Focus on them and try to be better if you can. Work out on your weaknesses and don’t be scared to leave your comfort zone and seek for personal growth.

  1. Work hard in achieving success.

Confidence is built in success. When you feel like you are winning something, you become more confident. If you believe that what you’re doing will pay off, then you’ll be confident enough to do things even if you’re scared at first. Stop thinking negative and surround yourself with positive thoughts.

  1. Trust that you can handle anything.

Confidence is the ability to handle unexpected situations with grace. You can’t predict what’s going to happen in the future so you have to learn how to deal with different situations. If people underestimate you, prove to them you are capable. If you don’t succeed now, you can do better and there are other opportunities to come. Trust in your potential.

  1. Discover the unknown.

Regardless of how smart and skillful you are, you don’t have full control of what’s happening around you. Even the most beautiful people experience break ups and the richest people experience depression. You have to realize that even if you’re competent, there are other factors that influence your fate. Things happen just because they are meant to happen and you can’t do anything about that.

  1. Don’t be afraid to take risks.

People who are scared to take risks won’t experience the biggest success they could possibly achieve. Not taking risk limit a person’s potential and just settle with what is “good”. They’d rather be safe than successful. If you want to succeed in your life, you should know how to take risks.

  1. Lighten up.

Though your main goal is to succeed in your endeavor, don’t forget to chill and enjoy life. Sometimes when you stress yourself too much, you can’t think of the right course of action in order to get things done. If you need to take an out of town trip, do it. It will help relax your mind to focus on positive energy and help build up your confidence.

  1. Listen to the people around you. 

Listen to your family and friends when they say you are capable of achieving anything. Your family and closes friends know you, maybe not as much as you know yourself but they are aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Accept praises and don’t try to negate by counteracting their statement.

  1. Realize that to err is human and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Mistakes are part of growth. If you didn’t commit any mistake, then there will be no room for personal growth. You don’t have to be right all the time. Let your mistakes teach you to be a better person. Failures are priceless for they teach you to be smarter and stronger. Every time you fail, your chances of winning increase so don’t see failures in a negative way.

  1. Ask for divine guidance.

When you feel so down and you feel that you can’t do anything, pray. Pray for courage to help you overcome your fear of not succeeding. Pray for wisdom to help you make the right decisions. Pray for strength to help you withstand the test of time. Success needs a lot of time and effort so devote yourself into it.