“Don’t let little stupid things break your happiness.”

10 Excellent Ways To Deal With Boyfriends Annoying Ex

hand-997395_960_720We all have romantic histories and for some of us, they represent a large portion of our past and can even still linger into the present. If you are struggling with your boyfriend's annoying ex, here are ten excellent ways to deal with it.

  1. Consider The Source

If she has anything bad to say about you, you need to understand that it comes from a place of hurt and anger, even if it is insulting.

  1. Know What's Important

When your boyfriend's ex-girlfriend is constantly trying to text or call him and you are becoming annoyed, take a step back and realize what is truly important: you have what she wants. You're in the driver's seat, so don't allow yourself to become flustered.

  1. Ignore Her

An adult's poor behavior tends to disappear when you ignore it, much like a small child. And when a person is behaving in a childish manner, there is nothing left to do but walk away.

  1. Establish Expectations

If a boyfriend already knows that continuing to contact his ex upsets you and you have already established this, then you need to question whether he is truly committed to you and turn your attentions to his behavior, instead of hers.

  1. Kill Her With Kindness

In a situation that forces you to cross paths? Then be sure to kill her with kindness. Then say what you truly meant to your girlfriends after the fact.

  1. Keep Track Of Contact

Does your boyfriend seem to hang out with his ex-girlfriend an awful lot, even though they have zero friends in common? Tracking his behavior goes a long way towards showing you how trustworthy he is.

  1. Remind Him Of His Allegiances

Few things are worse than an ex-girlfriend who loves to play damsel in distress. If he is constantly running off to take care of her problems, take a moment to remind him of where his allegiances lie.

  1. Never Let Her See You Sweat

If you let her get a rise out of you even just once, she will keep going back to that well over and over again, so never let her see you upset.

  1. Don't Pick Fights

The more fights you pick with him about it, the faster you will drive him towards her and make yourself look like the bad guy in the process.

  1. Trust Him

When all is said and done, you simply have to trust your boyfriend's judgement, stick to your guns and be willing to move on if the trust is broken.

All of us have exes in our past, but by learning more about how to deal with them, we can keep these annoying former flames from destroying our new relationships.