“You deserve the kind of love you would give someone else.”

5 Surefire Ways To Get The Love And Attention You Deserve From Your Man

couple-570903_1280You want your guy to pay more attention to you. That's normal. This sort of thing happens all the time in relationships. Especially in today’s world that’s full of distractions. Here we’re going to give you some tips on how to lure your man back in. There’s no doubt about it. He’s still interested in you. He just needs to be reminded every now and then that you need attention.

  1. Get his attention through touch.

This could be through a hug or simply rubbing his arms. Anything that involves touching. He’ll notice you right away. We live in an electronic age with lots of flashing lights and sounds. Distraction is something that’s common these days. Every now and then you need to pull your man back to reality. A quick touch on the shoulder should be all it takes.

  1. Make sure that you’re doing things that get his attention.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It’s the small things that add up. He’ll notice everything that you do. No one notices a knot on a log. Don’t be one. Do those small things that you know he likes so much. It’ll constantly remind him how much you love him. Which in turn will make him feel like he needs to return the favor.

  1. Give a guy the cold shoulder sometimes.

Sometimes you need to give a guy the cold shoulder. There are times when a guy just doesn’t get it. You do and do for him. Everything has become routine and he’s taking you for granted. Sometimes it can be done out of spite. While other times it can simply be he’s lost focus. Maybe work has been crazy or the kids were misbehaving. The absence of you paying attention to him should be a wake up call. Hopefully he understands that something needs to change.

  1. Wear something that attracts his eye.

You know that outfit that he can’t get enough of? Wear it. See how he reacts then. Hopefully you’ll have his full attention then. Sometimes things get dull. You may have to spice things up a bit. It’s natural and it happens more than people would like to admit. You’ll have to do it from time to time. You may also think about putting on some perfume. Do something that attracts his attention without ever saying a word. He’ll notice and will be like putty in your hands.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for attention.

It may seem wrong. But, it’s what you want. There’s nothing wrong in being vocal about your needs. Your man may not even know what’s going on. This isn’t the same world that you grew up in. The lives your parents lived isn’t possible today. You may need to just spill the beans and tell your man the way it is. You need some attention. It’s time to stay at home and spend some time with you tonight. Forget going to the bowling alley with your friends. You need to spend some time with me and not the guys.

Relationships go through all kinds of phases. A lack of attention is something both of you will experience. It’s not a one sided thing. You’ll find this out as the relationship grows. The most important thing is communication. It’s vital that you have open and honest dialog about your needs. It’s the only way you’re going to get them met.