“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

10 Tips To Get Your Dream Job


Everyone wants a job that they are passionate about. Not unless you are extremely wealthy and money is not an issue for you, you need to work in order to sustain your basic needs and live a decent life. Some people have lousy work and they wish to quit every single day but leave them no choice but to keep doing their job in order to make a living. Getting the job that you’ve always dreamed of will have a positive impact on you and the people you work with. So how do you get your dream job?

  1. Know what you really want.

It is important that you assess the things that matter to you the most and what you can be totally okay with and what you can’t. Having this information will help you choose the type of career and industry you will be in. Check Google for the job description and nature of job that you wish to have so you will have an idea.

  1. Don’t be discouraged with lack of experience.

Though having a solid experience on the field that you want to pursue can significantly increase your chances of getting hired, do not be dissuaded to apply in a job that you really want just because you have insufficient experience. Find skills within yourself that you think can contribute to your success in performing your new job.

  1. Keep trying until you find something that you are really passionate about.

The only way you can find out if you want something or not is to try it and see how you feel about it. Make sure that the risk you are taking is manageable. You can try some workshops to know if you are really interested on the field or not.

  1. Do not underestimate small progress.

Progress, whether big or small is still progress. Do not rush things. Take one step at a time. Do not be afraid to commit mistake because it will help you grow and will lead you to the path that you are destined to take.

  1. Start as early as now.

If you want to find your dream career, you should start as early as now. Try different jobs while you are young. The older you get the less likely for you to change jobs and the chances of getting hired become slimmer. If you really want something, pursue it while you can.

  1. Don’t expect too much.

Expecting too much only leads to frustration. Make your expectations realistic and attainable. If your goal is to be a millionaire in 2 years, then probably you need to consider setting up a business or discovering an unusual talent that will attract a lot of money.

  1. Show potential employers that you are a good fit for the job.

It doesn’t mean you have to be extremely smart to land the job that you want. What you need to do is to show them that you are suitable for the position because of your skills, attitude towards work, motivation and drive to be excellent in what you do. Getting your dream job is like selling an item to consumers. You have to be “sellable”.

  1. Do not go to interview unprepared.

Always prepare when going for an interview. Research on the nature of business and the position you are applying in. Answer questions accurately and precisely as much as you can. Cite situations that will demonstrate your qualities as an employee. Do not use common adjectives such as “hardworking” because everybody is just like that.

  1. Be patient.

You may not get your dream job in 2-3 years but never give up. Just learn what you can in your current job and use it in your advantage. Sometimes being too picky will do no good for you especially in your career. Continue to persevere to land the job that you want.

  1. Be positive.

Always have a positive attitude and believe you can achieve what you want. Do not dwell on negativity for it will only drain your energy and distract you from doing what is right to get your dream job. Be optimistic even on the most difficult times.