“By constant self-discipline and self-control you can develop greatness of character.”

5 Amazing Tips To Develop Incredible Self-Control


Too much chocolate, 5 hours spent watching soaps, 3 new pairs of shoes bought impulsively. Ring a bell? These are just some of the scenarios that demonstrate our lack of self-control. Whatever you may call it, self-discipline or willpower; you lost it over a piece of chocolate cake. Self-control is your ability to resist temptation as it comes. Based on scientific studies, self-control makes you gain more friends, get better grades, and improve your overall health. You can do a lot of things with self-control. It also improves the quality of your life! Though self-control can be inborn, it can also be developed because it is a skill. If it’s a skill, then anyone can learn it and it is flexible. The self-control you have when you were born has some limit, but with some practice, you can further hone it.

  1. Have a specific target of what you want to control.

If you want to improve your self-control, you can start with identifying your concrete goal. It doesn’t have to be very big. You can always start with small. Goals that are too general such as “I will save money” may be unattainable and destined to fail so make a concrete goal such as “Do not buy new set of clothes” or “Refrain from looking for stuffs to buy online”. If you want to have a progress in your self-control exercises, then working with the specifics will increase your chances of success.

  1. Never force yourself.

Forcing yourself to do something you don’t want to do will never help you toward your goal. Imagine a person getting coerced to perform a particular task they never want to be involved in the first place. Do you think they would deliver an output? No. They tend to resist more as it depletes their willpower to do other important things. You cannot hack your way to having an incredible self-control. Do it slowly and in your own pace. Never ever push yourself too hard.

  1. Make your addictions look unattractive to you.

Make the temptations abstract in order to resist it. If you are tempted to eat too much chocolate, you can imagine that you only have a small piece. Or whenever you want to indulge in sugar-filled piece of chocolate cake before going to bed, imagine the calories you might not be able to burn during sleep and the fats that will add to your thighs and legs. With these in mind, you’ll think twice before indulging to your every whim.

  1. Make your goal more attractive for you.

You want to lose weight? Picture yourself in a nice bikini on a summer. Imagine yourself on a beautiful summer dress you’ve wanted to wear for a long time and you look devastatingly gorgeous at it. If you make your goals more attractive for you, you will be more motivated to develop your self-control. You will have that willpower to resist hanging out on a dessert counter and going on fast food whenever you crave for French fries or burger.

  1. Change your environment.

A little change in your environment can go a long way. Even substance abusers stop taking drugs once they don’t get a hand on them. It can be tough to be away from things that you are used to having and stop doing things that you usually do, but modifying your environment and getting rid of the triggers can improve your self-control by training yourself to live without the things you believe you can’t do without.