“Be your own hero. Be smart.”

5 Hobbies That Can Actually Make Your Brain Work Faster And Smarter


Aging is inevitable. It is part of everyone’s life. With aging, different parts of our body deteriorate and there’s nothing we can do to stop that. Regardless of how advanced science is nowadays, we can only prolong the signs of aging, but ceasing the process is something beyond our control. As we age, our brain function declines. This occurs when grey mater in the frontal lobe becomes “mushy”. The good news is that we can actually postpone the brain deterioration by doing some exercises or activities for our brain. Here are some hobbies you can try to have a sharper mind.

  1. Be a wide reader.

Wide readers are often smarter than those who do not read much. Reading is proven to increase brain activity and there delay the onset of brain deterioration. Apart from providing useful information, reading also helps flex different parts of the brain that mostly works on pattern recognition, problem solving, and understanding language and emotions. It sharpens our memory and makes us more creative. Speed-reading is developed through constant reading and is known to increase electrical impulses between nerve cells to quickly process sensory information.

Do not underestimate the power of meditation and yoga. It not only relaxes and free your mind from stress, but it also improves your brain function. Meditation allows you to have full control of your thinking, therefore allowing you to concentrate and enhance your memory. Studies show that those people of advanced years who incorporated yoga and meditation in their younger years were able to keep more grey mater than those who don’t. Meditation also helps students get better grades in school because it helps them focus and improve their behavior in class.

  1. Play musical instruments.

A lot of pregnant women are advised listen to music, particularly classical music, because it enhances fetal brain development. Music is proven to develop cognitive functions such as ability to recognize patters, understand different events that are happening, solving complex problems, and storing memories. Playing musical instrument increases the production of nerve cells that allow close connection between the left and the right hemispheres of the brain. Based on studies, people who are musically inclined are also good in mathematics and logical reasoning. Playing musical instrument is a global process, therefore allowing both sides of the brain to work in balance.

  1. Play puzzles and strategy games such as chess and video games.

Our body, particularly our muscles need exercise in order to function well. Same goes for our brain. The more information our brains process, the better they function. When we continually engage in brain exercises such as solving puzzles, it allows us to think and practice logical thinking. Playing strategy games and video games such as StarCraft helps us analyze things better and lets our brain recognize new information that will be eventually stored in our memory.

  1. Learn a foreign language.

Learning a foreign language can be challenging, but it’s all worth it. People who are multilingual have multiple access to different parts of their brain that’s why they can easily identify patterns, come up with logical reasoning, and plan effectively all at the same time. Studies show that people who speak more than one language have a more active gray area. Learning a language allows your brain to function better, forcing it to get acquainted to new sets of words and sounds.