Living An Inspired Life Using Affirmations


Everybody loves being inspired. Whether it is coming from the inspiring feats in movies like Rocky, Star Wars, Superheroes And Disney characters to the majestic triumphs of legends such as Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Theresa and many more of yesterday, today and tomorrow…

Inspiration is the juice and fragrance of life.

An inspired life and inspiring others is a life worth living for.

The most inspiring quotes by legends have the extraordinary ability to empower us to tap into our hidden reservoirs of strength and determination – and this reservoir can be accessed through powerful affirmations.

Words are powerful – it has the ability to uplift and destroy, that is why we must use it responsibly.

A truly heart-centered life begins when we are true to ourselves.

How This Community Got Started

The inspiration for Inspired Living Affirmations began we saw the need to be a light in the world and raise the vibration of the planet.

More and more people are looking for inspiration and meaningful purpose for their lives – to fulfill their dreams and make the world a better place.

desert_fountain_by_flexpointThen thought sprung up inside our idea factory like a fountain in a desert.

Would we want to live the final moments of our lives on our deathbed, thinking of spending a few more mundane hours in the office?

We thought to ourself, this is not the legacy anyone would want to leave behind – especially since it is not just the physical body that goes into the grave but also the inspired, but unrealized dreams buried away without ever being fulfilled or acknowledged.

Something Needed To Change


As we pondered thoughts about all these missing legacies, we asked ourselves how life would be like for the world if everybody had a shot at going for it.

What would we do to create a platform for others to become inspired?

Our editor-in-chief recalled listening to “The power of the spoken word” from a cassette 10 years ago.

It taught us that life and death was in the power of the tongue.

Words have the ability to impact others.

And just as life is like a parade, negative words tend to rain on them and it kills dreams.

We get dozens of ‘no'’ for every ‘yes’ that we hear.

Instead of just hearing our little voices inside our heads telling us, “No, you can’t do this… you can’t do that…” Why don’t we turn our noes into yeses and and bring in more positive energy?

If other people with humble beginnings can do it and become legends, then why can’t we all do the same?

So that was when the inspiration for Inspired Living Affirmations was born.


To share the message so that we can be inspired by drawing from the quotes of legends and creating our own powerful affirmations so we can all fulfill our dreams.

It was truly an important day for us when we found out why we are here on this planet.

For A More Inspired Tomorrow

As we use affirmations repeated like mantras, it imbues us with inspiration – to live the life we are meant to live.

Inspired Living Affirmations will have no shortage of inspiring stories and quotes that will help you to turn it into your daily affirmations.

Meet The Inspired Living Affirmations Team

Samantha Kawasaki
Samantha is the CIO – ‘Chief Inspirational Officer' in the team.
She grew up in a family with very traditional values, afraid to take risks and constantly following a safe path.
One day, she had an awakening when her entire family were killed in a car crash.
Since then, she has made a decision to follow her dreams and inspire others to live a life filled with passion.

Megan Hall

Megan spent most of her life working in hospital as a hospice nurse.
As a person who is very sensitive to the needs of others, she constantly felt their sufferings when caring for patients.
She did so diligently and even cared for her own father in the same manner till the day he left this earth.
Later on, she made a major life decision to spend more time helping others to be inspired and find their purpose in life.
Her primary motivation is that she felt that she saw too many people lives filled with regret on their deathbed and now decides to help them focus on their dreams instead.
Her interest lies in health and wellness.

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