Why We Started Inspired Living Affirmations

We LOVE being inspired.

Who doesn't love being inspired, right?

Whether we're inspired by feats of triumph against insurmountable odds or moved by powerful stories we see in the movies like Rocky, Star Wars, Superheroes and Disney characters…

…or as we marvel the majestic triumphs of legends such as Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Theresa and many more of yesterday, today and tomorrow…

One thing is certain:

INSPIRATION is the fuel and fragrance of life.

How We Got Inspired…

Our mission:

“To live each moment of our lives inspired and inspiring others to live according to their highest purpose.”

The most inspiring quotes by legends have the extraordinary ability to empower us to tap into our hidden reservoirs of strength and determination – and this reservoir can be accessed through powerful affirmations.

Because words are very powerful – it has the ability to uplift and destroy, that is why we believe we must use it responsibly.

The inspiration for Inspired Living Affirmations began we were inspired by the call of the light to shine in the world by raising the vibration of the planet.

Thus an acronym for the word INSPIRED was born.

Every letter in the word I-N-S-P-I-R-E-D stands for something powerful that pertains to an inspired life:

We knew from that moment that inspiration is the catalyst of life.

An inspired individual begins to live an inspired life.

They develop a new vision for what their life would look like if they kept living this way.

They then develop a strong intent and their creative expressions become manifested through powerful creations.

These powerful creations then ignite the imagination of others and strengthens their resolve to live in alignment to their true essence.

Together, we all achieve our destiny.

Beginning This Global Movement Of Inspired Living Affirmations

As we pondered what it would be like for every single person in the world to be inspired, we thought about how it would collectively raise the vibration of the planet.

According to a scientist called Dr. Masuru Emoto, he measured the vibration of water when it was prayed over by Buddhist monks versus water with a sticker of a word ‘hate' on the cup.

The differences between the vibration of the water is astounding.

It is no surprise that one of the most inspiring stories about raising the vibration of the planet is when a few hundred Buddhist monks got together and meditated for hours, just to raise the vibration of the city we're in.

The Inspired Living Affirmations Movement Has Begun…

We envisioned a movement of millions of people all over the world raising the vibration of the planet and inspiring others by speaking inspired living affirmations every single day.

Imagine how it would raise the vibration of the planet and strengthen the interconnectedness of us all?

We've been fed the word ‘no' all our lives by others until we've reached the point that we keep saying ‘no' to ourselves.

We say ‘no' by criticizing ourselves and speaking negatively about what we are capable of.

We get dozens of ‘no'’ for every ‘yes’ that we hear.

So we wanted to start change the paradigm within our heads and for others out there.

Instead of entertaining the little voices inside our heads telling us, “No, you can’t do this… you can’t do that…” Why don’t we turn our noes into yeses and and bring in more positive energy?


If other people with humble beginnings can do it and become legends, then why can’t we all do the same?

Ponder for a moment that since you've tried self-criticism all your life and it's not working out for you, imagine if you can do the opposite and try something new… by speaking positively and affirming your worth!

We knew that words have the ability to impact others.

And just as life is like a parade, negative words tend to rain on them and it kills dreams.

Thus – the movement began.

To share the message so that we can all be inspired by affirming our greatness and using inspired living affirmations to bring out the best in us.

We invite you to join the ‘INSPIRA-VOLU-TION'