“A strong belief cannot go side by side with a wrong purpose.”

5 Ways To Unlearn Mistaken Beliefs


We all have beliefs that we learned either from our ancestors or as we grow old. These beliefs became our basis on how we picture the world, the people around us and particular situations that are happening in our everyday life. They unknowingly affect our reactions and way of thinking, thus creating a huge impact on our behavior. Mistaken beliefs such as we need to please everybody in order to be socially acceptable lower our self-esteem thinking that we need validation and approval from others to feel our worth. We are all dignified individuals ever since we were born and we deserve to be treated like a decent human being no matter what other people think and say. How do we unlearn mistaken beliefs that limit our potential? Ask yourself and challenge your beliefs in order to unlearn them.

  1. Does this belief have proof?

Find out if the belief is a fact. Look for evidence to prove that the belief is real. Sometimes we don’t things objectively that’s why these beliefs are created and became norms. If you can’t find rational proof to justify your assumptions, then your belief is wrong and you need to get over it. It can be challenging on your part as you get used to your beliefs, but it won’t do you any good if you keep clinging into them.

  1. Is this belief true all the time?

We quickly jump into conclusion about people and events because of our experiences in the past. Most of the time, these experiences are irrelevant in the present. You must not let your past experiences control you and cloud your judgment. What happened before may not be applicable today. Do not let irrational beliefs prompt you to make the wrong choices in life.

  1. Is this belief generally applicable?

Do you always focus on negativity in every situation? Do you recognize positivity in what is going on in your life? Or do you always find fault on others and everything around you? Having this mindset hurt you because it creates inner loneliness and frustration. If we see things in a different perspective even if the situation went downhill, we can handle it in a calmer and stress-free manner. If we become appreciative of what we have, then we will all be happy and contented individuals. Always look to the whole picture and realize the goodness that may come out in every situation.

  1. Is this belief good for my well being?

Getting angry and upset with people with no rational basis is unhealthy. It is crucial to validate your belief because getting angry for no reason only causes stress. Let’s say you believe that you need to please everybody in order to be loved. You won’t be able to express your opinions and you will live in a way that others find likable; therefore you can’t be yourself. You will end up resenting them because they unconsciously turn you into a person you are not.

  1. Where did I learn these beliefs?

Identify where you develop your beliefs? Were they taught by your grandparents? Were they based on your childhood experiences? Trauma from childhood often causes you to form mistaken beliefs. This is why when you had a bad experience in childhood; you have a difficult time overcoming it. Use constant affirmation in order to unlearn mistaken beliefs. Start with believing you can get rid of wrong beliefs and do the action necessary to overcome them.