“A healthy outside starts from the inside.”

10 Benefits of Proper Deep Breathing


 When you feel stressed and worn out after a day at work, what do you usually do to de-stress? Do you go to a park with your special someone to walk and get some fresh air? Do you hang out with your friends? Or do you prefer to spend time alone? If you are the loner type, doing some yoga that involves breathing exercises can help. It not only relieves stress and brightens your mood, but it is essential for you to live a longer, healthier life. Here are the benefits of proper deep breathing:

  1. Proper deep breathing will help you detoxify.

As crazy as it may sound, but our body has toxins that we get from different sources such as food, air, and water. As we breathe, our body releases toxins. It is important to breathe properly in order for your system to get rid of toxins that can cause unwanted illnesses.

  1. Proper deep breathing keeps you tension-free.

Imagine how your body feels whenever you are stressed or tensed. When you’re stressed or tensed, you experience muscle spasm and shortness of breath. The best way to overcome it is to breathe properly because if you don’t breathe properly, you won’t get sufficient amount of oxygen that can cause different complications.

  1. Proper deep breathing can relax your mind and body.

 Proper deep breathing is necessary to keep your brain oxygenated. Insufficient supply of oxygen in your brain can cause permanent brain damage. Breathing is an effective way to lower your anxiety level.

  1. Proper deep breathing can somehow ease your emotional distress.

Proper deep breathing can help you relax and think clearly.

  1. Proper deep breathing calms your organs.

When you do breathing exercises, you are doing your internal organs a favor. It’s like you’re giving them a massage. In this way, you allow proper circulation of blood around your organs.

  1. Proper deep breathing can relieve pain.

When you suffer from migraine, deep breathing can greatly help in lessening the pain. Based on studies, proper deep breathing can ease severe pain.

  1. Proper deep breathing can improve your immune system.

Oxygen is transported all throughout your body through your bloodstream. The oxygen-rich hemoglobin helps in metabolizing vitamins and nutrients.

  1. Proper deep breathing can improve your posture.

Proper deep breathing encourages good posture. This has the same as doing yoga every day. It is proven that bad body posture is associated with incorrect breathing. So it is important to breathe properly to avoid osteoporosis and other posture-related problems.

  1. Proper deep breathing is necessary to maintain good blood quality.

The exchange of gases happens when you breathe. If you don’t breathe properly, you won’t be able to take in enough oxygen and release carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

  1. Proper deep breathing can help you lose weight.

Proper breathing promotes good digestion, and therefore helps you lose weight. Food that is properly oxygenated is easier to digest than food with less oxygen attached to it. The digestive system indeed operates more efficiently with proper deep breathing.