“Self-awareness is not self-centeredness, and spirituality is not narcissism. ‘Know thyself’ is not a narcissistic pursuit.”

Being a spiritual being having an experience in a physical body does not mean that you should neglect your physical / earthly needs.

As one swings from one duality to the other, we may exclude too much in our zeal to live a spiritual life forgetting that a fully integrated human being neither sees things as: – Either / or – This or that – Spiritual / non-spiritual – Godly / worldly.

Here are 7 mistakes spiritual people tend to make once they discover their spiritual nature:

1) Hanging out only with other ‘spiritual' people.

Spiritual arrogance can set in as some people practice what is called ‘competitive spirituality'. They might judge another human being for not being conscious enough.

An integrated spiritual person is one who sees the divinity in everyone because those that are truly awake will have no need of judging those who are asleep.


2) Denouncing money.


A tough corporate life or a grueling business in a competitive industry might not give a lot of zen, but as one becomes awakened, the tendency to denounce money or material needs to swing to the other spectrum is not the most empowering way to live spiritually.

An integrated spiritual person sees money as a means to an end, is able to love money with all their chakras (not just the root chakra of survival), and see spirituality in what they do with their money.


3) Not focusing on marketing their spiritual services.

linkedin-400850_1280 copyThis is a huge pitfall. Simply believing that your energy is enough to bring people to your tarot reading service or your psychic reading store is forgetting that marketing is the means that people get to your energy.

An integrated spiritual person learns useful habits such as marketing, utilizing a good Facebook community, writing a good blog and spreading awareness in a grounded way. Not marketing yourself is like prayer without action or thought without true manifestation.


4) Swapping one dogma for another.

Some people may come from dogmatic religious backgrounds which forces others into being religious without spiritual essence. Upon emancipating one's self from such an environment, they swap one dogma for another. Some even go to extremes such as ‘converting' others into their spiritual belief forgetting that each have their own path.

An integrated spiritual person is spiritual but not religious. They do not need a dogma to keep them safe. They do not need to meddle with other people's spiritual lives.


5) Neglecting the right nourishment physically.

warrior-pose-241611_1280This one is simple but often neglected. They might feel blissed out but forget to watch their weight (for health reasons) or having a healthy physical life.

An integrated spiritual person recognizes that the body is the temple of the spirit and physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions are all one.


6) Guru worshipping.


Meeting spiritual gurus can be very enlightening and a very powerful experience. But that doesn't give you the permission to spend unwisely just to fly all over the world to indulge in guru worshipping to the point of putting yourself in financial strain or fanatical imbalances.

An integrated spiritual person is accepts that not making it to the next Darshan is not the end of the world. We are always and forever connected back to source and it is important to trust our own guidance rather than 2nd hand information.


7) Assuming letting things be is always the best thing to do

We can learn to let go and let God or to accept things as it is. But that doesn't neglect our need for conscious and effective manifestation.

Instead of simply surrendering everything to karma, take proactive action for your spiritual life. Create your dreams instead of waiting for it. Be the example and lead others.