5 Pay-It-Forward Stories That Can Bring Real Change

woman-888389_960_720A random act of kindness can have serious consequences and results, and it tends to cause a positive ripple effect that affects our perception of the human spirit. The world can be a cruel and unforgiving place, which causes people to become guarded particularly against individuals around us that need help. These people could be beggars in the street or a stranger that needs help. People that receive acts of kindness have to pay it forward in return. Paying it forward can bring positive change, as is evident through these pay-it-forward stories:

Two dogs and a stranger

Two dogs ran across the street near where Anna lives and almost got run over. Rather than pass them by, Anna stopped to help the dogs and found out that neither of them had any collars or name tags. So she contacted the vets in her neighborhood as well as the RSPCA to help, but since she could not find out any information until the same day, she kept the dogs in her house until she found the owners the next day.

The Kilimanjaro hero

When Vern Jones triumphantly and successfully climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, he wanted to find a way to show appreciation to the guides and porters that had worked effortlessly to make sure he was safe. He noticed the low wages and the poor quality of hiking gear that the porters wore and decided to start a successful, profitable organization that shares part of its proceeds with the porters.

coffee-shop-1149155_960_720The coffee line

Customers in a coffee shop pooled their resources and funds to buy a shirt for a young college student that had accidentally spilled coffee on it. It turns out that the student was on her way to work for her first day of internship and running home for a quick change would mean arriving late on her first day.

Wartman’s pizza shop

Mason Wartman’s pizza shop hatched a plan where customers could pay an extra dollar to prepay for a slice of pizza, and then place a post-it representing the purchase on the wall. Each post-it represented a slice of pizza, and homeless people walking into the shop were allowed to pick a post-it and exchange it for a slice of pizza.

The case of the parking meters

Luanne from Australia always makes sure to put extra coins in the parking meters so that the next person does not have to pay the fee. She also walks the line as she adds coins to other people’s meters, which ensures that their day is not ruined when the time runs out.