5 Life Lessons from a Guy Who Can’t Move Anything but His Face

jonThe only body parts that he can move voluntarily are his eyes and lips. The rest of his body; arms, feet, legs and hands, only twitch occasionally as they are almost entirely paralyzed. He also makes a rewarding living writing articles that have been read by more than 5 million people, a fact that has made him a millionaire despite his daily struggles. He writes his articles with the help of a microphone that is embedded with speech recognition technology that he utilizes from the comfort of his wheelchair. As a result of his success, he has managed to travel around to parts such as Miami, Mexico, and San Diego. This is the highly inspirational story of Jon Morrow.

Jon was born with a degenerative neuromuscular disease known as Spinal muscular dystrophy. The disease progressively weakens the body and makes the patient unable to move to the point of complete atrophy followed by death. Despite such setbacks, Jon and his parents did not throw in the towel, a truth that has led him to accomplish what most able-bodied people are unable to do in a lifetime. So what teachings can people learn from a man who is unable to move anything but his face?

Change the rules if you can’t win the game

Jon was caught in a hopeless situation where he could not make a living as a result of the restrictions on his Medicaid, which he was completely dependent on for medical care. Rather than giving up, he moved to Mexico; a move that reduced his medical expenses considerably. As he had left the US healthcare system behind, he was able to start his consulting agency that made him sufficient money to live on comfortably.

Pain is power

Despite having struggled with the pain and distress that is associated with his disease, he used the pain he felt as a driving force to help him deal with life’s harshest realities.

The secret to survival

Jon learned that the secret to surviving involves rolling with the punches and making the best out of a terrible situation. Instead of wallowing in dismay, you should do everything possible to turn around a bad situation to your advantage.

neverFind the courage to face any situation

People have to find the courage to face a tough situation, regardless of how grueling the circumstance is. Even when you are terrified of taking the first step into a venture, adopting a positive attitude will help you live comfortably.

Never give up

You must develop strength in the face of adversity. Otherwise, things will start to fall apart. Notwithstanding his endless hospital visits and years of recovery, Jon has never given up or quit simply because he could not do what others could. Instead, he pressed on and created a life for himself.