Rejection is God’s way of saying ‘Wrong direction.’

3 Ways To Deal Rejection From A Man


Among the numerous forms of rejection, you will find that being denied by a love interest is the most agonizing. You will probably get an overwhelming sense of bitterness and spite, both against the man who rejected you and against yourself. Ironically, you will also feel an inexplicable sense of longing; a stronger desire towards your ex-boyfriend than before. This may lead you into a cycle of voluntary, unrequited love, whereby the more you get rejected, the more you desire the man rejecting you. The following tips may help you bounce back from rejection; you may even consider dating again.

  1. Take it easy on yourself and Focus on the positive

Once you have been on the receiving end of rejection, you may start feeling badly about yourself. You may even begin to feel like something is intrinsically wrong with you. However, you should remember that while rejection will often feel very personal, it usually has nothing to do with you. In fact, you will be surprised to find that the man rejecting you was acting on his own insecurities or fears, or he may be too busy, complicated or overburdened to want to involve you in his life. Before rushing into conclusions, remember that you don’t really know what went on in his mind for him to reject you.

Rejection is likely to lead you to get trapped in doubt and distress. However, you must learn to see beyond the fleeting moment of pain and acknowledge that there is a higher purpose to not getting the man you want, and that higher purpose will be revealed soon. For instance, you may get the perfect partner for you, in that case, you'll be grateful that you got rejected in the first place. In retrospect, you will laugh at the results of the emotions that your rejection invoked and discover the greater purpose for your pain.

You will never regain your self-esteem if you allow negative feelings to replay themselves over and over again. You will therefore want to focus on the positive and display your own strengths and likable qualities. Moreover, you should consider getting back into doing the things that you enjoy, including dating again.

  1. Consider it, his loss

If a man rejects you, he obviously unable to see your inner and outer beauty. You do not want to be with someone who refuses to see the full spectrum of your wonderful being. Instead of wallowing in sorrow, you should focus on your numerous, amazing traits. Your ex-boyfriend will obviously miss your positive characteristics and invaluable qualities he overlooked.

  1. You have a chance to evolve

Rejection offers you an opportunity to evolve while learning from your past mistakes and experiences. You should therefore look within and discover the things that you should change or fix about yourself. This is especially because it often takes emotional anguish for a person to demolish their ego and face their truest self. You can constructively view rejection as a chance for self-improvement and dating a better person.

While rejection is often perceived as an ego-reducing emotion that is nothing short of painful, it can be used as a catalyst for productive change towards a stronger, better and more powerful self with enhanced self-esteem. Besides, rejection affords you the chance to discern whether you did anything to make it happen. For instance, you could have been coming on too strong or perhaps you did not give him sufficient attention. In the event that you feel like you contributed to the situation’s outcome, you can take measures to avoid making the same mistakes in future when you start dating again.